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vivienne au-yang

vivienne au-yang

spoiled by california :)

Hong Kong
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vivienne : лучшие города
10 Списки созданы · 21 Подсказки
Hong Kong
9 Списки созданы · 19 Подсказки
New York
6 Списки созданы · 13 Подсказки
2 Списки созданы · 7 Подсказки
San Francisco
4 Списки созданы · 5 Подсказки
5 Списки созданы · 2 Подсказки
1 Список создан · 4 Подсказки
3 Списки созданы · 2 Подсказки
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vivienne au-yang
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vivienne au-yang
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vivienne au-yang
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vivienne au-yang
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vivienne au-yang
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    Недавние подсказки от vivienne
    "I would recommend you drive past and go somewhere else. Super slow service, the food was not well prepared and not very flavorful. Very disappointed in the experience. Will not return or recommend."
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Февраль 15
    Итальянский ресторан
    · Сиэтл, США
    "its modern design is too much for my liking. mirrors reflects busy patterns everywhere. light colors change in elevators like you are in a nightclub. funky!"
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Октябрь 26, 2017
    · Singapore, Сингапур
    "don't waste your time! ordered delivery, seriously thought of returning it. small quantity, marginal quality, very high price $800 for tjis tiny piece of chicken & steak!"
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Июнь 6, 2016
    Французский ресторан
    · 灣仔, Гонконг
    "4 out of 6 seats were taken up by their own staff having lunch."
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Май 26, 2016
    Жареные цыплята
    · Central, Гонконг
    "amazing curry beef noodles but the owner is so rude & grumpy, would yell at you if you move slow, it's almost funny"
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Май 20, 2016
    · 中環, Гонконг
    "value lunch set but doesn't make up for terrible service. 15m for water with no apols at all. they just left the main on table when I was still working on my salad & I had to chase up 2x for the fries"
    vivienne au-yangvivienne au-yang · Май 19, 2016
    · Гонконг