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Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith


Co-creator of the iPhone app Cheazza, for finding cheap pizza around NYC. Download for free at www.cheazza.com

Brooklyn, NY
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    "Our first time on Ramblewild's adventure courses was incredible. The staff was helpful & the variety of difficulty levels was perfect. Plus zip lining across ravines couldn't have been more fun."
    Adrienne SmithAdrienne Smith · Ноябрь 14, 2015
    Места на свежем воздухе
    · Hancock, США
    "Ask about the tasting menu, one of the best values I've come across. You get 9+ courses, with dessert, for $40. The fois gras with roasted pineapple & a riff on "french toast" was especially amazing."
    Adrienne SmithAdrienne Smith · Декабрь 21, 2013
    Латиноамериканский ресторан
    · Бруклин, США
    "The new Prospect Heights location is beautiful. And time and again my classes are taught by enthusiastic, knowledgeable volunteers. It's a pleasure to learn random things here!"
    Adrienne SmithAdrienne Smith · Апрель 30, 2013
    Производственное училище
    · Бруклин, США
    "The pizza toppings are abundant, and I love the rotating drink specials."
    Adrienne SmithAdrienne Smith · Октябрь 5, 2012
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