Whether you're into historic landmarks, die-hard sports fanaticism or tasty Southern dining, can point you to the best of what to see and do in Alabama.

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Check in when you're watching a Mobile Mardi Gras parade in one of these places. We'll tell you after Fat Tuesday who your Mobile Mardi Gras mayors are for these spots. Let the ousting begin!
10 места обновлены Июнь 11, 2012
There are plenty of ways to cool off as the mercury and humidity rise. But let's face it, some ways just taste better than others.
5 места обновлены Декабрь 6, 2011
The Birmingham News assembled a panel of judges who embarked upon a delicious search to find Birmingham's Best Burger. This list includes the mouth-watering winner, as well as the "best of the rest."
4 места обновлены Декабрь 6, 2011
The Alabama Tourism Department has printed a brochure that points visitors to 13 sites on its Hank Williams Trail, but for the basics, here's a mini-tour of Hank Williams country.
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Local flavor that you can find only in the Huntsville area. This isn’t necessarily a list of the best food in Huntsville, but it's the food you’d more than likely miss if you ever left.
15 места обновлены Декабрь 6, 2011
These are some of the most notable spots in Alabama -- iconic symbols that our state is known for. Whether you're a tourist or a local, you just can't help but stop and take a photo.
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    "The front yard of the Mobile Mardi Gras Museum is a great place to watch a parade, and the museum is a must for visitors or residents who want to learn more about the history of Mobile's Mardi Gras." · Январь 22, 2013
    · Мобил, США
    "There's no place like the front of the Garage on Joe Cain Day. Drinks and bathrooms are only steps away, and you're up close and personal with the maskers going by on Washington." · Январь 22, 2013
    · Мобил, США
    "Hang out by the Rotary Club Clock next to Serda's, and you're sure to catch some sweet throws during Mobile Mardi Gras." · Январь 22, 2013
    · Мобил, США
    "The focus here is on fresh, local and made from scratch. Meats are humanely raised, family-farmed and smoked onsite. The restaurant’s only freezer is the one that stores the popsicles." · Июнь 22, 2012
    Мексиканский ресторан
    · Homewood, США
    "While barbecue is the big draw, Jim 'N Nick’s is also famous for its scratch-made cheese biscuits, a complimentary basket of which is served at every table." · Июнь 22, 2012
    Гриль-бар / Шашлычная
    · Бирмингем, США
    "If you're the type of person who always hated multiple-choice tests, the menu's combinations can be overwhelming -- order a "Wicked," their signature sandwich, which has five meats and three cheeses." · Июнь 22, 2012
    Заведение с сэндвичами
    · Мадисон, США