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Life is too short to be average or normal. Different isn't always better, but better is always different. "Veritas, Fides, Sapientia" Foodie & Coffee

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San Diego
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La Mesa
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Salt Lake City
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El Cajon
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New York
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Rio de Janeiro
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3 Списки созданы · 6 Подсказки
Solana Beach
4 Списки созданы · 5 Подсказки
Kansas City
2 Списки созданы · 6 Подсказки
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No que Taco Bell. After a 55 year quest to find the best in Mexican Food in San Diego County: "Land of a thousand taco shoppes", I take my quest nationally to Salt Lake City
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    "An average taco shoppe. The shredded beef of my taco was a bit on the greasy side. The beans were good, but rice was flavourless."
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 10 часа(-ов) назад
    · El Cajon, США
    "Beers were over hopped and pretty pedestrian. Food menu was limited by flavorful and week prepared."
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 1 неделю назад
    · Сан-Диего, США
    "Lackluster beer selection. Food was poor. My shift tostada lacked flavor. The battered cauliflower and onion rings were greasy in the extreme. A sure sign of being cooked at the wrong temperature."
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 1 неделю назад
    · La Mesa, США
    "Still one of the best in La Mesa and now they take credit cards!"
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    · La Mesa, США
    "Not the best waffles. Fake maple syrup, that means flavored corn syrup. Yuck."
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 3 недели(-ль) назад
    · Lake Arrowhead, США
    "A slightly nicer version of foggy goggle"
    Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell · 3 недели(-ль) назад
    · Wrightwood, США