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Caleb Marsh


Art appreciator, music lover, film enthusiast, avid sports fan. #TexPat

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Caleb Marsh
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Caleb Marsh
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April 2017 Trip to Italy
Caleb Marsh
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Caleb Marsh
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Caleb Marsh
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Caleb Marsh
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This will chronicle our epic road-trip to San Diego, CA from Pilot Point, TX for the 2012 Holiday Bowl.
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    "Try the Honey Butter Lobster Biscuits. It’s as if New England and The South has a food child. They are like nothing I have ever eaten before."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Апрель 13, 2019
    · Ки-Уэст, США
    "The beef stroganoff and lobster spaghetti were outstanding dishes. One a classic dish and the other a nautical twist on an Italian standard. Both are excellent choices."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Декабрь 29, 2017
    Ресторан современной американской кухни
    · Филадельфия, США
    "This was not a very good place. The service was horrible, but I'm always willing to give the food credit over the service. However, the tacos weren't very good either. Do not recommend."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Май 28, 2017
    · Филадельфия, США
    "Surprising simple and delicious meal. Order at the streetside window and take a container to go. Strolling through the streets of Florence eating tasty pasta is the way to go."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Май 3, 2017
    · Флоренция, Италия
    "Make your way up to the rooftop deck bar to get a drink and a beautiful panoramic view of the Florence skyline."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Апрель 25, 2017
    · Флоренция, Италия
    "Buy your ticket at the Duomo museum and then move one line over to reserve a time in line for climbing to the top."
    Caleb MarshCaleb Marsh · Апрель 25, 2017
    Обзорная площадка
    · Флоренция, Италия