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Cole Kennedy

Cole Kennedy


This is how I tell you I'm a foodie without, y'know, using the word "foodie."

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New York
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Cole Kennedy
3 места обновлены Июль 31, 2019
Where wait is under 15 minutes and you can usually sit at the bar.
Cole Kennedy
11 места обновлены Август 27, 2019
11 мест(-а) в том числе P Franco, Sager + Wilde, Hackney Coffee Company, LARDO
Cole Kennedy
8 места обновлены Май 9, 2019
All of the places that reinforced my love affair with Sweden.
Cole Kennedy
2 места обновлены Июль 31, 2019
I should spend more time here.
Cole Kennedy
7 места обновлены Ноябрь 6, 2018
There are restaurants you love, and good restaurants, but there are some places that just lodge themselves so deeply in your memory that nothing compares. These are mine, in no particular order.
Cole Kennedy
4 места обновлены Октябрь 28, 2018
I went there exactly once, so.
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    "Pricey, but delicious. The ricotta and hot honey is required eating to start, and I loved the lamb bolognese with mint and some other tasty stuff."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 3 дня(-ей) назад
    Итальянский ресторан
    · Бруклин, США
    "I do not like it when bands I like play shows here because it straight up feels like one of those big mega churches (which also, it is)."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 6 дня(-ей) назад
    Музыкальное заведение
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "Remember when you would go to Pizza Hut and eat in and they had pebbled plastic pitchers and linoleum booths and shiny bricks? This is like that except the pizza actually slams."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 1 неделю назад
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "They’re in contention for the third best cheeseburger in the East Village, which means it’s in contention for the best cheeseburger in every other state."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    Французский ресторан
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "Wanna feel like you’re at a bar in a Fallout game? Come on down!"
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    Американский ретро-бар
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "Despite the haunted dollhouse vibes, a great place to shoot convincing lifestyle without having to find an actual apartment."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    · Нью-Йорк, США