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  • 9.4

    Ann Morrison Park

    Парк 1000 Americana Blvd. Бойсе, ID

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 17):

    • Eric S.
      Eric Smith: "One of the best parks in Boise right near the river and great equipment for kids of all ages."
  • 9.1

    Big City Coffee

    Кофейня 1416 W Grove St Бойсе, ID

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 53):

    • Mitchell + Palmer
      Mitchell + Palmer: "Get a scone! Their cherry pie and bear claws are the best. We'd know since we held a Big City Bake Off contest to determine this. Plus, the bear claw only has the slightest hint of bear."
  • 9.0

    Village Cinema

    Мультиплекс 3711 E Longwing Ln Меридиан, ID

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 18):

    • Darlan B.
      Darlan Burns: "The 21+ VIP section is amazing we will never sit in the regular section. Comfy seats and tons of leg room. And if you get there early food can be served right to your seat."
  • 9.2

    Bittercreek Ale House

    Бар 246 N 8th St Бойсе, ID

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 68):

    • Carl F.
      Carl Figueiredo: "Beer, food, this place is #1 on my Boise list. Focus on craft breweries of the Western USA and organic. The keep Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland, OR) on draft. Soo good."
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 48):

    • John S.
      John Smith: "Very popular place and wait times can be lengthy but it's worth the wait! Register with the hostess, provide cell number, go to their coffee shop on the corner, they'll call when your table is ready!"
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 10):

    • Elizabeth S.
      Elizabeth Straker: "Best place to nosh in Boise! No matter what you order, you're in for a treat--you honestly can't go wrong--but if they've got an exotic fish on the menu, I highly recommend it!"

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  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 6):

    • Erik R.
      Erik Rowley: "While visiting Boise, Table Rock is an essential hike to do. A great workout with a stunningly beautiful view of the city and surrounding terrain at the top. Mountain bike up for a real challenge."
    • Clint G.
      Clint Golub: "Great view of DT Boise in day or dusk, also plenty of opportunity to off-road your vehicle"
  • Другие комментарии (подсказок: 19):

    • Michael C.
      Michael C: "Service was great, rib-eye was perfect, and some of the best strawberry lemonade I've had in a long time."
    • Jen K.
      Jen K: "Awesome food and atmosphere! Save room for the fruit cobbler."
  • 9.0

    Camel's Back Park

    Парк 1300 Heron St. Бойсе, ID

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 18):

    • Ryan M.
      Ryan McCullough: "Fun place to go hang out with family and friends. Always a party in the good weather."
    • Jon S.
      Jon Sexton: "Parking on the backside of the park on 8th St., there are lots of family friendly trails."

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