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  • 9.4

    Mikkeller Baghaven

    Пивоварня Refshalevej 169B Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 21):

    • John H.
      John Howarth: "Mikkeller's 'Saisons and Wild Beer' Brewery Tap, set in a stunning waterfront location with views across the city. Come on a summers night to watch the sunset..."
  • 9.4

    ROAST Coffee

    Кофейня Vestmannagade 4 Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 50):

    • Joe C.
      Joe Cooper: "One of the best coffee spots in Copenhagen with the nicest staff by far. They also serve up the absolute BEST cold brew coffee (iced coffee for the US expats) in the city - hands down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
  • 9.4


    Пивная лавка Sønder Blvd. 53 Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 62):

    • Timo H.
      Timo H: "Kihoskh is a special place: a lot of craft beer, special wines and food! Don't forget to go downstairs to check out their amazing collection of craft beers, especially from Mikkeller."
  • 9.4

    Juno The Bakery

    Пекарня Århusgade 48 Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 29):

    • Kaitlin Y.
      Kaitlin Yapchaian: "We tried everything and the cardamom bun was the best. Perfectly gooey. Order a couple so you don’t have to wait in line again when you want seconds. Free coffee refills. This place is worth the wait!"
  • 9.5

    La Banchina

    Ресторан Reshalevej 141A Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 29):

    • Vaiva K.
      Vaiva Kriaučiūnaitė: "Cosy atmosphere, beautiful view, friendly staff, delicious food, which is cooked right in front of you. It's not easy to get there, but it becomes part of your experience. Take a water bus!"
  • 9.4

    Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade

    Пивной бар Viktoriagade 8 B-C Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 288):

    • Dmitry K.
      Dmitry Khubetov: "Тут просто нереальная атмосфера по пятницам. И молодежь и взрослые и пролетариат - все собираются пить вкусное пиво и общаться! Пятерка!!!"

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  • 9.4

    Kongens Have

    Парк Gothersgade Копенгаген, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 72):

    • Anna v.
      Anna van Beijmerwerdt: "Fantastic park to have a walk around whole year round. Great to have a picnic in summer or enjoy some beer/wine on a sunny afternoon"
    • Vera
      Vera: "Great park to sit and relax. Castle and botanical gardens nearby."
  • 9.4

    Empire Bio

    Кинотеатр Guldbergsgade 29 F København N, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 39):

    • Joe C.
      Joe Cooper: "A nice little theatre that usually plays a more interesting lineup compared to the big chains. Also right next to one of the best bars in Copenhagen so... 👍🏼"
    • Daniel S.
      Daniel Schierbeck: "One of the best movie theaters in Copenhagen, this Nørrebro place offers great seating and a nice café."
  • 9.4

    Det Kongelige Teater

    Театр Kongens Nytorv 9 København K, Ховедстаден

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 18):

    • Murat
      Murat: "Great location, in city center and close to other touristic attractions. Very old and historic, a must see. Catch a nice play and enjoy the very upscale culture."
    • Lars S.
      Lars Sehested: "Beautiful venue with a lot of history. Seats on the floor don't have a lot of leg room and it gets pretty hot."

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