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  • 9.2

    Norton Simon Museum

    Музей 411 W Colorado Blvd Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 55):

    • Go Find Alice
      Go Find Alice: "One of the best (not so well known) museums in LA. Amazing selection of Impressionism artworks. Sculpture garden is beautiful too and a perfect spot to relax"
  • 9.3

    The Luggage Room Pizzeria

    Пиццерия 260 S Raymond Ave Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 80):

    • Mike P.
      Mike P: "Excellent personal pizzas. Bring a growler over from Stone brewery store next door and pay a small corkage fee. You can also sit and the stone store outside with your beer and have them deliver."
  • 9.1


    Стейк-хаус 320 S Arroyo Pkwy Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 109):

    • Whitney S.
      Whitney S: "For veggie lover - the veggie burger is amazing. Get it with a side of hickory bbq sauce. For meat lovers - the French dip is the best I've ever had. No corkage fee if you bring a bottle of wine."
  • 9.1

    iLoveKickboxing - Pasadena, CA

    Тренажерный зал 1756 E Colorado Blvd Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 37):

    • Brandon R.
      Brandon Rouzaud: "ILOVEKICKBOXING is amazing! It is very fun and with this location a lot of people are very friendly and helpful. It is definitely worth on the first day to save money and commit to getting in shape."
  • 9.3

    Vroman's Bookstore

    Книжный магазин 695 E Colorado Blvd Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 78):

    • Shil P.
      Shil Pa: "Favorite place to hideaway. Used to come here every week in high school. Strange treasures to be happened upon in any section of the shop you choose"
  • 9.2

    Stone Company Store

    Пивной сад 220 S Raymond Ave Unit 103 Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 47):

    • Chris W.
      Chris Weller: "Excellent selection of styles at surprisingly cheap prices. Keep an eye out for the Liberty Station brews - you can't get these anywhere else! Featured here is the Master of Disguise, a blond stout."

Люди часто упоминают такие заведения в Пасадина:

  • 9.1

    Pet Food Express

    Зоомагазин 320 S. Lake Ave Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 4):

  • 9.1

    In-N-Out Burger

    Закусочная с бургерами 2114 E Foothill Blvd Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 51):

    • Erin B.
      Erin Blitz: "Animal style everything Neapolitan shakes extra spread or chopped chilies on your fries or burger! Medi rare chopped chilies and an extra toasted bun #dank :) protein style and the Flying Dutchman😜"
    • TAX
      TAX: "This was the 2nd In-N-Out ever built. With the recent final destruction of the original Baldwin Park location, this is now THE oldest In-N-Out on the planet. Everything seems to taste better here!"
  • 9.3

    Trader Joe's

    Гастроном 467 N Rosemead Blvd Пасадина, CA

    Другие комментарии (подсказок: 18):

    • David M.
      David Muffmucher: "Others have mentioned before that the parking here is ample. I would like to add that the entrance here is kind of narrow and strange. There's no steps though in case you're wondering."
    • John K.
      John Kidde: "I love TJ's. Vanilla Almond Clusters cereal is the best!"

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