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David Graham

David Graham


A Scot, living in London and work in advertising. Keen runner; live in West Norwood and owner of a chocolate Labrador called Baxter

London, UK
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Tel Aviv
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David Graham
4 места обновлены Февраль 6, 2016
4 мест(-а) в том числе The Fat Pig, The Hourglass, The Mill On The Exe, The Rusty Bike
David Graham
10 места обновлены Сентябрь 13, 2015
10 мест(-а) в том числе Музей оккупации Латвии, Музей арт-нуво, Fabrikas Restorāns, Fazenda
David Graham
6 места обновлены Июль 7, 2015
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David Graham
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David Graham
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David Graham
9 места обновлены Сентябрь 25, 2013
A selection of great independent coffee shops where they make good coffee and serve tasty food as well
    Недавние подсказки от David
    "Great neighbourhood wine shop, bar, eatery. Went on a Saturday night and it was unexpectedly buzzing since it was dead outside."
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Сентябрь 12, 2015
    Винный бар
    · Рига, Латвия
    "Authentic Latvian restaurant in a typical restored Latvian wooden house. Part of a restored square with other bars and artisan food places."
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Сентябрь 12, 2015
    Восточно-европейский ресторан
    · Рига, Латвия
    "Small but interesting museum telling the story of Latvia's 50 year occupation by the Soviets and the Nazis."
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Сентябрь 12, 2015
    Исторический музей
    · Рига, Латвия
    "Cosy little cafe selling coffee, tea and smoothies along with sandwiches, salads and cakes. Friendly staff and friendly wifi. Stop serving food at 5pm"
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Сентябрь 12, 2015
    · Рига, Латвия
    "Cool little bar in the park sandwiched between tennis courts and the canal. Good selection of bistro food, beers and wine. A great place to relax"
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Сентябрь 12, 2015
    · Рига, Латвия
    "Food is v good in the restaurant, but all a bit formal. If we'd know the cosy, busy bar next door that also did great food, we'd have eaten there. Unfortunately we weren't given option when we booked"
    David GrahamDavid Graham · Июль 29, 2015
    · Аллапул, Великобритания