Rome by Katie Parla
Da Danilo is one of Rome by Katie Parla.

1. Da Danilo

Via Francesco Petrarca 13, Рим, Лацио
Итальянский ресторан · Esquilino · Подсказок и отзывов: 46
Da Danilo is one of Rome by Katie Parla.

2. Da Danilo

Via Francesco Petrarca 13, Рим, Лацио
Итальянский ресторан · Esquilino · Подсказок и отзывов: 46

Josh T.Josh Taroli: Although the cacio e pepe is worth the visit (they serve it after swirling it through a large pecorino cheese), the cabonara is the real star on the menu. The guanciale is pan fried to perfection!

3. Flavio al Velavevodetto

Via di Monte Testaccio, 97/99 (Via Nicola Zabaglia), Рим, Лацио
Ресторан римской кухни · Testaccio · Подсказок и отзывов: 78

Brett G.Brett G: Pasta - cacio e pepe, better for lunch, recommended by Katie Parla

4. L'arcangelo

Via Giuseppe Giocchino Belli 59/61, Рим, Лацио
Итальянский ресторан · Prati · Подсказок и отзывов: 27

Angela Z.Angela Z.: Get the gnocchi!! Don’t get the carbonara (was so al dente it was raw inside). Wave off the bread to avoid being charged for it. Great meal!

5. Da Remo

Via del Pie' di Marmo, 32, Рим, Лацио
Пиццерия · Подсказок и отзывов: 4

Chris K.Chris Konecny: before 8:00pm or after 10:30pm. Start with a few fritti and a plate of beans. scrocchiarella

6. La Gatta Mangiona

Via Federico Ozanam, 30, Рим, Лацио
Пиццерия · Gianicolense · Подсказок и отзывов: 66

Damiano C.Damiano Cerrone: The pizza is absolutely great. They perfected the pie and it’s delicious to eat their great cornicione. The ingredients are high quality, from the sweet tomato to the intensity of their olive oil

7. Sforno

Via Statilio Ottato, 110, Рим, Лацио
Пиццерия · Don Bosco · Подсказок и отзывов: 48

Brett G.Brett G: Suppli al telefono (frascati and genovese are non-vegetarian), recommended by Katie Parla

8. 00100

Via Giovanni Branca 88, Рим, Лацио
Закусочная с бургерами · Testaccio · 1 подсказка

Daniel R.Daniel Raffel: Pizza a taglio - sheet pizza sold by weight. same owner as sforno.

9. Forno Campo de' Fiori

Piazza Campo de' Fiori, 22, Рим, Лацио
Пекарня · Regola · Подсказок и отзывов: 95

Fluying ✅.Fluying ✅: Must try the take away “pizza Bianca “.

Antico Forno Roscioli is one of Rome by Katie Parla.

10. Antico Forno Roscioli

Via dei Chiavari 34, Рим, Лацио
Пекарня · Parione · Подсказок и отзывов: 206

Ashley D.Ashley Dando: The pizza slices are heavenly. Take small slices and have many different varieties - When in Rome...

11. Nonna Betta

Via Portico d'Ottavia, 16, Рим, Лацио
Итальянский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 68

Normalis K.Normalis Kassim: Good food, good service, comfortable and clean. Even has set lunch which is good value for money. If it was good enough for the late Anthony Bourdain, its good enough for me. Thats a lot of 'good' :)