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Patrick Pho

Patrick Pho


Producer at VW. Elder Millennial. #RageLikePho.

Arlington, Virginia · Superuser icon?Суперпользователь: уровень 3
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Las Vegas
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Washington, D.C., United States
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San Francisco
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Patrick Pho
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Patrick Pho
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Patrick Pho
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Patrick Pho
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    Недавние подсказки от Patrick
    "Newly renovated with the opening of Ballston Quarter!"
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Июнь 20, 2019
    Тренажерный зал / Фитнесс
    · Арлингтон, США
    "As of February 2019, there’s still lots left to open up but the Regal Cinema, OneLife Fitness, Macy’s, and Punch Bowl Social are open for business. Plus the Chick-Fil-A is ready to serve as well."
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Февраль 2, 2019
    Торговый центр
    · Арлингтон, США
    "This hotel bar inside The Maven oozes retro chic and hip decor. Guests of The Maven get a free drink off their menu daily and don't miss the free Pinball machines in the corner!"
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Сентябрь 23, 2017
    · Денвер, США
    "Breakfast Tacos that rival the fare of Texas."
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Июль 19, 2015
    · Арлингтон, США
    "Cash only, you pay at the register when you are finished. Fast, no-nonsense service."
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Июль 19, 2015
    · Арлингтон, США
    "The char-broiled chicken is the best Peruvian fare around- you can't go wrong with either fries or white rice for your side!"
    Patrick PhoPatrick Pho · Июль 19, 2015
    Перуанский ресторан
    · Арлингтон, США