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Drew Steck

Drew Steck


I'm just me.

San Diego
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San Diego
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La Jolla
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2 Списки созданы · 1 Подсказка
Del Mar
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New York
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2 Списки созданы
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2 Списки созданы
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Drew Steck
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Drew Steck
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Drew Steck
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Drew Steck
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Drew Steck
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Drew Steck
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    Недавние подсказки от Drew
    "Service was always attentive, even though it can get packed. They always are rotating things so let them know what you like and have them pick something out for you."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Январь 4, 2018
    · Сан-Диего, США
    "Really liked the half off (almost) everything happy hour and the cheese board. Upscale but not out of place if wearing shorts and a t-shirt (as it is Scripps Ranch)."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Ноябрь 28, 2016
    Итальянский ресторан
    · Сан-Диего, США
    "First time here and have and open palate and empty stomach? Baja Trio is the way to go. Otherwise, for a taste or snack, the value options are stellar. Remember, this is art in your mouth? Be patient."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Апрель 10, 2016
    Закусочная на колесах
    · Сан-Диего, США
    "Had the "From Plant to Pint" and it was very smooth and refreshing for a Pale Ale. Will definitely have to come back for it again."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Ноябрь 8, 2014
    · Карлсбад, США
    "One of the best post-work joints I've ever encountered. Patio has BBQ until the restaurant opens up. Sunsets and Dorado go well together."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Ноябрь 6, 2014
    · Сан-Диего, США
    "So many amazing detailed touches here, look for the chandeliers made of their bottles, little creeks that run through tables, and the social experiment that is the bathroom. Details matter."
    Drew SteckDrew Steck · Ноябрь 3, 2014
    · Сан-Диего, США