Dumpling Man

Dumpling Man

Дамплинг-ресторан и Азиатский ресторан$$$$
East Village, Нью-Йорк
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  • Lev O.
    Lev OborinИюнь 28, 2013
    Пельмешки дают. Кажется, крутые, но я был слишком пьян, чтобы оценить.
  • Ira B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Ira BОктябрь 10, 2014
    Came here for some late night food -- left with a full stomach and great memories. The atmosphere if this place is great for a lunch or late night experience..
  • Justin O.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Justin OrdovezaДекабрь 19, 2016
    These are decent dumplings, pricier compared to other dumpling houses. The pumpkin dumplings are the dessert to get. They also sell frozen dumplings. Cash only but they do have an ATM machine.
  • Lee B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Lee ByronЯнварь 10, 2015
    Great for a dumpling binge followed by a very long nap. Huge juicy dumplings made by tiny Chinese grandmothers on the other side of the glass. Don't forget monster sauce!
  • Aaron B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Aaron BatchelderАвгуст 4, 2016
    Totally underrated dumpling spot in the city. It's quaint and has top notch hand made dumplings. I LOVED the soup dumplings. They had a little less broth than I'm used to - still great favor though.
  • K & Jзначок сердца на изображении пользователя
    K & JНоябрь 25, 2018
    Steamed or seared, we had pork the first time but look forward to the sampler next time :)
  • Denise C.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Denise CozierЯнварь 19, 2015
    The pumpkin dumplings are great and I don't even eat pumpkin. Loved the pork dumplings with the green curry sauce. Pay extra and get that sauce. You won't regret it!
  • Nick
    NickАпрель 20, 2015
    Quick, cheap and amazing. Shrimp dumplings are my favorite with corn in them. Very cool to sit and watch them being made
  • Brian H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Brian HerschaftЯнварь 9, 2015
    I'm convinced the creator of Snapchat lived across the street because their logo is very similar to Dumpling Man's. This spot has very solid dumplings but also try their cold sesame noodles.
  • Evan S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Evan SmithИюнь 9, 2015
    Get the traditional pork dumplings there and bring home some frozen dumplings for home. The hot monster and cold monster sauces really add a lot of flavor.
  • Leanne Z.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Leanne ZДекабрь 17, 2015
    Got the sampler, all phenomenal. They only have bubble tea in the summer. Cool monster and Asian tahini sauce both very good but $1.50? And $.50 take out charge...
  • Jonathan L.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Jonathan L.Июль 3, 2016
    Gotta late night crave for dumplings? This spot will do. Though overpriced compared to Chinatown, they're tasty dumplings & buns. The soup dumplings lacked broth. Not the best, spot but good overall.
  • TEV N.
    TEV NYCОктябрь 9, 2012
    Everything here is made fresh, right where you can see it. Try an order of 6 dumplings of their famous seared pork , fried or steamed for $4.50. Talk about cheap, delish eats!
  • Staci
    StaciСентябрь 18, 2011
    The seared pork dumplings with the cool monster sauce almost makes me wish I lived in ny so I could eat them all the time. Even broke you can still afford this place with dumplings under $1 a piece
  • L. T.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    L. T.Июнь 29, 2018
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    The veggie dumplings are delicious- you don’t even need the sauce (but that’s great too!) great dressing on the green salad.
  • Ashley H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Ashley HoweИюль 6, 2015
    The tehina sauce is amazing. I ordered 14 dumplings for dinner and it was too much, so perfect for lunch the next day. Quick service too
  • Julia K.
    Julia KМай 22, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    $3.50 afterschool special!! 6 seared dumplings, mmm...shrimp are awesome, veggie are unusual cause of tofu but good. Young guy in beanie who works there is rude to girls. Shy?? Sexist? Ha!
  • Whitney S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Whitney StameyМарт 6, 2015
    The dumplings are awesome here. And the sweetie pies, or pumpkin dumplings, are the perfect dessert.
  • Rachel S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Rachel SmithОктябрь 16, 2015
    Cool place to sit at the bar and watch them make dumplings so everything is fresh
  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth BrimСентябрь 27, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    I often direct day plans to the LES, just so I can "casually" wind up here. Best dumplings in NYC. You can watch the love being pleated into these hearty pillows of goodness. Hot monster sauce it up.
  • Matt B.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Matt BМарт 25, 2014
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Pork dumplings. Steamed. Good thing I live in Queens or I'd eat them for every meal. They're affordable too so I'd probably save money by doing this...
  • Charles B.
    Charles BНоябрь 11, 2011
    soup dumplings don't compare to Joe's Shanghai, but everything else is really spot on. If you are hungry and its lunch-time, I would suggest 8-10 and mix it up re: seared and steamed.
  • hope c.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    hope chuСентябрь 12, 2013
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Surprise veggie trumps regular veg dumplings. FYI: M-F from 3-5 pm they only have regular dumplings available, and only fried. No steamed, no surprise dumplings. But they are only $3.50 for 6.
  • Aaron J.
    Aaron JonesМай 14, 2015
    Cash only. These were among the best dumplings I've ever had and I'm like the Cookie Monster... But with dumplings... Instead of cookies...
  • Annie M.
    Annie MattАвгуст 16, 2020
    Honestly great spot. Sell sake + beer as well. Very low key. Has outdoor seating for covid
  • justinstonedзначок сердца на изображении пользователя
    justinstonedНоябрь 20, 2013
    Best visited during off hours. Tiny location. All the quality of China Town Dumplings wo the language barrier. Try the Sweetie.
  • Mary M M.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Mary M MottaМарт 27, 2015
    pumpkin dumplings are the perfect dessert to your meal. try the specials!
  • Sandra R.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Sandra RubinchikАвгуст 13, 2014
    Try the dessert dumplings. I know what you're thinking, but fight that naysaying, party-pooping skepticism and get the sweet banana dumpling.
  • That G.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    That GirlФевраль 12, 2015
    Good if you want a variety of dumplings in one sitting. Not my favorite soup dumplings. Get the hot Monster Sauce.
  • Christina N.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Christina NawabiДекабрь 19, 2014
    Cash only so come prepared. The pan fried vegetarian dumplings are my favorite here, with the Tahini sauce
  • Gal N.
    Gal NatelОктябрь 31, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Great lunch deal! From 3 to 5pm, you get 6 seared dumpling and a can of soda for 3.50!
  • The Local East Village
    The Local East VillageАвгуст 14, 2011
    "The Dumpling Man advantage, owner Lucas Lin said, is not only that the dumplings are made fresh but that he uses the ‘hot noodle’ method traditionally favored in Beijing and elsewhere in the north." \nПодробнее
  • Wesley S.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Wesley ScanlonАпрель 21, 2015
    Their 6 seared dumpling special for $3.50!! I go with veggie
  • Yera H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Yera HaИюнь 16, 2015
    Grab a 6 piece dumpling for $5 and sit at Tompkins Sq Park across the street. Cash only!
  • Syndicate Media Group
    Syndicate Media GroupЯнварь 18, 2012
    NYC [Eat] Delicious dumplings made with high-quality ingredients. Eat in the shop or buy frozen and always have a tasty snack in your freezer!
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupОктябрь 31, 2013
    Stop in during the fall and sample the amazing pumpkin dumplings - they're unlike any dumpling you've ever tasted!
  • Bluepaw
    BluepawИюль 11, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Best dumplings in the city? Almost certainly, but only one way to be sure. When you finish the circuit, some celebratory Dumpling Man is sure to be in order.
  • Jake F.
    Jake FochettaМарт 6, 2013
    Get the cold noodles with tahini sauce or quinoa soup with your dumplings if you are hungry. Great additions.
  • Saba N.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Saba NekoСентябрь 21, 2016
    Cheap, fast, cute, delicious. Plus it's fun to watch them make the dumplings!
  • Valentina Paz P.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Valentina Paz PavezНоябрь 8, 2018
    Los mejores dumplings del barrio, tómese el tiempo de ir a ver como los hacen.
  • Inside New York
    Inside New YorkМарт 22, 2012
    Don't skip the green Vegan dumplings! The mushroom and tofu filling is better than meat. http://insidenewyork.com/2012/02/26/dumpling-man-not-your-mothers-dumplings/
  • Andrew W.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Andrew WongИюнь 5, 2018
    Good handmade soup dumplings and dessert dumplings!
  • Tim L.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Tim LeeСентябрь 20, 2016
    The grilled and soup pork dumplings were spot on. Had a small issue with our food but they took care of it.
  • Omer Z.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Omer ZachАвгуст 13, 2014
    A bit overrated, but the pork dumplings are solid. The veggie ones were really bland. Go down to Chinatown for your dumpling cravings though if you can.
  • Jarel H.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Jarel HillФевраль 25, 2019
    Pork, chicken seared and soup dumplings were so bomb. Big tasty dumplings
  • Dai S.
    Dai ShiДекабрь 6, 2016
    Pork is definitely the best. Veggie was not very good. These dumplings are like twice the size of most other places though.
  • Snehal A.
    Snehal AvichalМай 26, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Awesome dumplings. But for some reason, they will call out your number to avoid eye contact, even if the place is empty. Joe's Shanghai has better soup dumplings.
  • Lisa R.значок сердца на изображении пользователя
    Lisa RayleЯнварь 5, 2016
    Good, quick dumplings. Seared pork is great but really all of them are good.
  • Dev P.
    Dev PЯнварь 5, 2011
    Dumplings man had always been a favorite for me in the village. Open late, cheap and great veggie dumplings. The sauces are good but unnecessary
  • Melissa D.
    Melissa DavisДекабрь 17, 2009
    A TINY little restaurant with homemade dumplings made minutes before they're cooked to order just for you. (And you can watch them being made!) Get the steamed pork w/cool monster sauce! Yum!
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