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Erin Kelley


Charlottesville, VA
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Erin Kelley
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Erin Kelley
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10 мест(-а) в том числе Tomāto Tomäto, Sam's American Bistro, Lucky's Classic Burger & Malt Shop, The Fez
Erin Kelley
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Erin Kelley
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Erin Kelley
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    "No. You should get a soft taco and a veggie burrito."
    Erin KelleyErin Kelley · Октябрь 26, 2012
    · Портленд, США
    "Master colorist. She took me through a beautiful hair color rainbow over a year while maintaining my hair's condition. The worst part of moving away from PDX? Not being able to go to Jen every time."
    Erin KelleyErin Kelley · Июль 6, 2012
    Салон красоты / Парикмахерская
    · Портленд, США
    "The best chocolate chip cookies in town. Plus the cutest cat with AIDS that you've ever seen."
    Erin KelleyErin Kelley · Март 27, 2012
    Квартира / Дом
    · Шарлотсвилл, США