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Crystal Carrazco

Crystal Carrazco


21.Columbia College. Sarcasm enthusiast. Journalist. Marketing. Concerts. Hopelessly in love with media. S. California native. http://t.co/V7VQwmlx

Chicago, IL
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Crystal Carrazco
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Crystal Carrazco
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    "The "personal" pizza is enough to feed two people! Take advantage of that deal. However the wine is overpriced/cheap wine."
    Crystal CarrazcoCrystal Carrazco · Январь 2, 2014
    · Палмдейл, США
    "Beware of scalpers outside the venue! I've seen kids get kicked out due to bad scalped tickets. Also, if ya don't want to be in the pit I suggest the steps that lead to the pit. Perfect view."
    Crystal CarrazcoCrystal Carrazco · Июнь 4, 2013
    Музыкальное заведение
    · Чикаго, США
    "Usually (some) professors are running a couple of minutes late, still make sure you show up on time!"
    Crystal CarrazcoCrystal Carrazco · Июль 18, 2012
    Учебное заведение
    · Чикаго, США