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Frani Lieberman

Frani Lieberman


Working on Consumer brands @MBoothpr w/a thirst for truth, affinity for ambition ,love of cheese and travel. Has big dreams and is happiest when indulging.

Austin, Texas
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New York
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Cherry Hill
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Margate City
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Frani Lieberman
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Frani Lieberman
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Frani Lieberman
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Frani Lieberman
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sometimes, nothing feels better in the belly than a sugary, sweet treat. here are some of my favorite diet deviations.
Frani Lieberman
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    Недавние подсказки от Frani
    "Just say yes."
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Июнь 25, 2015
    Французский ресторан
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "Good, if not so fresh, soup dumplings"
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Январь 25, 2015
    Китайский ресторан
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "As far as bridesmaids dress shopping goes (which is a nightmare)- this place makes the experience feel calming. Many choices and the staff is just the right amount of helpful."
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Январь 25, 2015
    Свадебный салон
    · Morristown, США
    "Sit at the chef counter and watch them cook up amazing goodies. Ham hock was amazing. Fried chicken livers a sleeper surprise. Mac and cheese and broc casserole were caloric heaven."
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Декабрь 28, 2014
    Ресторан кухни юга США
    · Новый Орлеан, США
    "Everything is good here. Come with friends and sample different parts of the menu. Don't sleep on the black rice pudding for dessert."
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Сентябрь 29, 2014
    Тайский ресторан
    · Остин, США
    "perfect plates of mouthy, toothsome pastas (spinach cavatelli!!) and yummy, substantial starters and a peach dessert with the most peachy peaches"
    Frani LiebermanFrani Lieberman · Сентябрь 16, 2014
    Итальянский ресторан
    · Нью-Йорк, США