Gideon Carstens

Gideon Carstens


Cape Town
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Cape Town
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Jeffrey’s Bay
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Gideon Carstens
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Gideon Carstens
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Gideon Carstens
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    Недавние подсказки от Gideon
    "Some of the best flat whites in the southern burbs!"
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Декабрь 16, 2019
    · Кейптаун, ЮАР
    "Looking for the town’s most authentic coffee? You’ll find the most hearfelt people and mind blowing coffee right here. Go on - get there!"
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Декабрь 24, 2018
    · Jeffrey’s Bay, ЮАР
    "The cottage we stayed in was a beautiful self catering unit with bohemian style. The garden is in a class of it's own as well as the swimming pool. 'Coco' the dog drops by occasionally to check in :)"
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Декабрь 22, 2017
    Без категории
    · ЮАР
    "Service was very slow and burgers are every expensive for what I consider average."
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Февраль 10, 2017
    Пивной бар
    · Кейптаун, ЮАР
    "If the service was any slower they'd be going backward."
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Август 7, 2016
    Азиатская кухня
    · Hermanus, ЮАР
    "Service was a joke. Waitress got the order messed up and there was sand in one of the dishes."
    Gideon CarstensGideon Carstens · Январь 10, 2016
    · Tokai, ЮАР