HK Restaurants
Chôm Chôm is one of HK Restaurants.

1. Chôm Chôm

58-60 Peel St, 中環, 中西區
Вьетнамский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 98

SengaporeanSengaporean: Awesome atmosphere with great food. Tasteful yet refreshing blend of food. Must try - pho roll, calamari , VFC. Their bottled Vietnam beer is good too!

Chachawan is one of HK Restaurants.

2. Chachawan

206 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, HK
Тайский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 107

Matt T.Matt Ta-Min: Excellent authentic Thai food. Very spicy, but they can make it less so if you ask. Good cocktails and a nice buzzy atmosphere.

Ho Lee Fook is one of HK Restaurants.

3. Ho Lee Fook

G/F, 1-5 Elgin St, Central District, Hong Kong Island
Китайский ресторан · 中区 · Подсказок и отзывов: 124

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Love this place. Everything was really good. Best were the short rib, dumplings, cauliflower, clams, and raw beef tartare.

Ham and Sherry is one of HK Restaurants.

4. Ham and Sherry

1-7 Ship St. (at Johnston Rd.), Гонконг
Испанский ресторан · 中西区 · Подсказок и отзывов: 53

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Excellent cocktails. Let Ryan suggest something. The "Los Pollos Hermanos" is one of the weirdest but most successful cocktails I've ever had. Or for sweeter, the "Tempting Fate" is excellent.

Brickhouse is one of HK Restaurants.

5. Brickhouse

G/F, 20A D'Aguilar St, 中環, 中西區
Мексиканский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 118

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Get the deep fried beet root!

Stone Nullah Tavern is one of HK Restaurants.

6. Stone Nullah Tavern

69 Stone Nullah Ln, 灣仔, 灣仔區
Американский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 69

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Wow... Had the cheddar Sausage and side of smoked cauliflower and both were excellent. Wash it down with a glass of the local craft beer. This place is the epitome of a Gastro-Pub

Serge et Le Phoque is one of HK Restaurants.

7. Serge et Le Phoque

Shop B2, G/F, Block 1, The Zenith, 3 Wan Chai Rd, Гонконг
Французский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 33

Matt T.Matt Ta-Min: Excellent modern French styled cuisine. Dishes are light and innovative. Oh and their bread is fantastic.

Blue - Butcher & Meat Specialist is one of HK Restaurants.

8. Blue - Butcher & Meat Specialist

(Blue Butcher)
108 Hollywood Rd, 中環, 中西區
Стейк-хаус · Подсказок и отзывов: 86

Stephanie C.Stephanie Chevalier: Their Saturday brunch is one of HK's best kept secrets. Book early, come hungry. You will love it.

22 Ships is one of HK Restaurants.

9. 22 Ships

G/F, 22 Ship St, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island
Ресторан тапас · 中西区 · Подсказок и отзывов: 112

@JaumePrimero@JaumePrimero: With 30 seats and no reservations, 22 Ships is democratizing casual dining in HK. Prices are steep, but the wow factor is worth it.

Rummin' Tings is one of HK Restaurants.

10. Rummin' Tings

28 Hollywood Rd, Гонконг
Карибский ресторан · 中区 · Подсказок и отзывов: 16

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Don't miss the Jerk Chicken

Three Monkeys is one of HK Restaurants.

11. Three Monkeys

151-155 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, HK
Японский ресторан · Central and Western District · Подсказок и отзывов: 40

BettyBetty: The dishes were very well prepared. Highly recommend the bomb rice, mushrooms, angus beef ribs.

Ku-suya Rakuen is one of HK Restaurants.

12. Ku-suya Rakuen

12/F, Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung St, 铜锣湾
Японский ресторан · Causeway Bay · Подсказок и отзывов: 10

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Good value. Really liked the Caesar salad with seafood and the grilled kimchi and pork

Fatty Crab 肥蟹 is one of HK Restaurants.

13. Fatty Crab 肥蟹

11-13 Old Bailey St, 中環, 中西區
Азиатский ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 37

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Get the ribs!

121 BC is one of HK Restaurants.

14. 121 BC

42-44 Peel St., Гонконг
Итальянский ресторан · 中区 · Подсказок и отзывов: 31

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: There is nothing bad on the menu. Drink wines by the glass and ask the sommelier for recommendations. Don't skip dessert--they're excellent.

La Cabane Wine Bistro is one of HK Restaurants.

15. La Cabane Wine Bistro

62 Hollywood Rd, 中環, 中西區
Винный бар · Подсказок и отзывов: 37

Ian S.Ian Sullivan: Excellent selection of French wines, cheeses, and charcuterie.

Souvla is one of HK Restaurants.

16. Souvla

1/F, Ho Lee Commercial Bldg, 40 D'Aguilar St, 中環, 中西區
Греческий ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 32

SergiSergi: Amaaazing! Best greek food I have ever had. Modern greek concept. Beatiful interiors and great service. New favorite in HK