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Jonathan Ferrera


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Chicago, IL
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Jonathan Ferrera
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Jonathan Ferrera
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While visiting Terri and Steven...
Jonathan Ferrera
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Jonathan Ferrera
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Jonathan Ferrera
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    Недавние подсказки от Jonathan
    "Tons of Thai food options. It is very good for mall food. You load a card with money and charge it at the stalls. You return the card for a refund on what's left over."
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Август 3, 2017
    Ресторанный дворик
    · ปทุมวัน, Таиланд
    "Don't forget your keycard, otherwise you can't even enter the courtyard, let alone your room."
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Август 3, 2017
    Многоквартирный дом
    · Бангкок, Таиланд
    "You're free to wander, but follow the rules on the signs, particularly about shoes. They do have sarongs for people whose knees are showing."
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Август 3, 2017
    Буддистский храм
    · Бангкок, Таиланд
    "There are a couple hundred steps up to the top, but there are excellent views of the city."
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Август 3, 2017
    · ป้อมปราบศัตรูพ่าย, Таиланд
    "If the spectacular-looking cakes at the window do not tempt you inside, you will miss smaller gems at their counter. The macarons are a must!"
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Март 26, 2017
    · Чикаго, США
    "The OG is one of the best fried chickens or sandwiches I've ever had. However, it is the best fried chicken sandwich to me."
    Jonathan FerreraJonathan Ferrera · Март 19, 2017
    Жареные цыплята
    · Чикаго, США