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Julia Tinsley

Julia Tinsley


Discovery Bay, CA
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La Jolla
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San Mateo
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San Diego
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Julia Tinsley
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    Недавние подсказки от Julia
    "Amazing happy hour specials/deals and daily specials!! New spot for sure"
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Февраль 26, 2014
    · Тусон, США
    "Awesome! I love that they use local products to make their beer."
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Февраль 8, 2014
    · Тусон, США
    "If you don mind splurging a little, try devotion vodka! It's so smooth, gluten free, sugar free, and 80 proof!"
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Сентябрь 6, 2013
    Винный магазин
    · Тусон, США
    "The flights are great, I tried a couple IPA's and loved them, but mostly stuck to the ales. They charge for the bottle and the price of a growler could be a lot better. More of a one drink place"
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Июль 10, 2013
    · Тусон, США
    "Whoever is mayor of this place needs some kind of life.... I'm even here too much"
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Июнь 19, 2013
    Учебное заведение
    · Тусон, США
    "I went to just get a trim and she cut my hair and extensions so that they would blend and she did a terrific job. It's a local place and I was able to get in fast. Good job for your money"
    Julia TinsleyJulia Tinsley · Май 2, 2013
    Салон красоты / Парикмахерская
    · Сан-Матео, США