Tine Dawson

Tine Dawson


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Tine Dawson
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Tine Dawson
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Tine Dawson
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Tine Dawson
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Tine Dawson
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    "Add at least five minutes to the time you'd expect it would take to print out a paper. People sit on facebook or playing games, so you'll end up searching for a free computer for a while."
    Tine DawsonTine Dawson · Декабрь 4, 2012
    · Питтсбург, США
    "Though they're all really nice here, I don't suggest coming on a lunch break. A thirty-second sandwich and a pre-made drink usually turn into a ten to fifteen minute process even without a line."
    Tine DawsonTine Dawson · Октябрь 16, 2012
    · Питтсбург, США