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Lien Tran

Lien Tran


Miami, FL
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  • Miami
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  • Coral Gables
  • Osaka
  • Okayama
  • South Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Miami Beach
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Lien : лучшие города
1 Список создан · 4 Подсказки
New York
1 Список создан · 3 Подсказки
Coral Gables
3 Подсказки
3 Подсказки
3 Подсказки
South Miami
2 Подсказки
San Francisco
1 Список создан · 1 Подсказка
Miami Beach
1 Список создан · 1 Подсказка
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Lien Tran
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Lien Tran
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    Недавние подсказки от Lien
    "Delicious authentic Japanese sushi and specialty dishes. You can get pretty adventurous eating from their specials (written on wall)."
    Lien TranLien Tran · Октябрь 26, 2019
    · Coral Gables, США
    "Ceviche and French Assassin burger were tasty. The whole menu looks amazing, I'll be back for more!"
    Lien TranLien Tran · Май 21, 2019
    Ресторанный дворик
    · South Miami, США
    "Buy a bag of beans and get a free coffee. Plus the beans are true third wave. Come here and not SB. We need to keep this place in business, so few like it in Miami"
    Lien TranLien Tran · Апрель 20, 2019
    · Coral Gables, США
    "Nasi goreng was really tasty. Nice use of spices, not particularly traditional but still very good w shrimp & grilled onions. The avocado toast is good though a lot for 1 person to eat, best to share"
    Lien TranLien Tran · Октябрь 3, 2016
    · South Miami, США
    "Awesome for Miami Spice. Go with 4-5 people and you can order most of the 17 items on the entree menu (each person gets to pick 3)."
    Lien TranLien Tran · Август 12, 2016
    Испанский ресторан
    · Майами-Бич, США
    "Delicious hand whipped ice cream. Ask gives UM discount"
    Lien TranLien Tran · Июль 29, 2016
    · Coral Gables, США