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Mark Sturn

Mark Sturn


Sometimes I travel to cool places. The rest of the time I'm kinda boring. I left my heart and stomach in San Francisco.

Bakersfield, CA
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  • Bakersfield
  • Seattle
  • Santa Cruz
  • Aptos
  • Morro Bay
  • Soquel
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Avalon
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Mark : лучшие города
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Santa Cruz
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1 Список создан · 5 Подсказки
Morro Bay
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1 Список создан · 3 Подсказки
Los Angeles
2 Списки созданы · 2 Подсказки
New York
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3 Подсказки
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Mark Sturn
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Mark Sturn
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    Недавние подсказки от Mark
    "They’re now accepting contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay"
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Декабрь 21, 2019
    · Бейкерсфилд, США
    "Although not advertised on the POS terminals, they are now accepting Apple Pay. After selecting your payment method, look for a series of green dots at the top of the screen, then tap to pay."
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Февраль 13, 2019
    · Бейкерсфилд, США
    "Show your taste buds how much you love them and get the Salty’s Special. Pulled pork blends with bite-sized brisket and gets topped with coleslaw, BBQ sauce & peppers on a toasted roll. BBQ heaven!"
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Апрель 13, 2018
    Гриль-бар / Шашлычная
    · Бейкерсфилд, США
    "They now accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. The POS terminals don’t advertise it, but it works!"
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Январь 8, 2018
    · Бейкерсфилд, США
    "Payment terminals inside the store accept Apple Pay (and most likely Android Pay as well)."
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Ноябрь 15, 2017
    Заправочная станция
    · Бейкерсфилд, США
    "“Stunt” burgers with thin patties that take a backseat to all of the toppings. Great craft beer selection. Opt for either the sweet potato fries or tater tots for your side, you won’t be disappointed."
    Mark SturnMark Sturn · Октябрь 8, 2017
    · Aptos, США