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Mexico City
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Palm Springs
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Teton Village
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New York
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Martial Bénard
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Martial Bénard
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Martial Bénard
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Martial Bénard
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A French guy living in Mexico City and sharing some of his favorite spots.
Martial Bénard
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Martial Bénard
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    Недавние подсказки от Martial
    "Great quality home made ice cream. Chocolate orgy and Coffee are top !"
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Июль 10, 2021
    · Кеймбридж, США
    "Best pizza in River North. All options are great here. The basic cheese pizza and the vegetarian are my favorites."
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Март 28, 2021
    · Чикаго, США
    "It’s great to have a real bookstore in that neighborhood. It’s somewhat hidden and you can’t see the substantial main section which is in the basement. A café here would be a great addition..."
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Февраль 23, 2020
    Книжный магазин
    · Чикаго, США
    "Very good Chinese buffet (with some Vietnamese item). They also have a made-to-order wok kitchen : you choose your ingredients, your sauce and the chef cooks it under your eyes.Fresh and delicious."
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Сентябрь 20, 2019
    Азиатская кухня
    · Франция
    "All Dollops are different but equally pleasurable, serving great coffee and delicious sandwiches/cakes. The place, the staff, the client, all is quiet here, very appeasing. Best place to plug your PC."
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Август 22, 2019
    · Чикаго, США
    "Was not impressed by the food (had the fried chicken sandwich). I liked their old-fashioned."
    Martial BénardMartial Bénard · Август 22, 2019
    Английский ресторан
    · Чикаго, США