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Miss Mekah


MEKAH'S BODY SHOP waxing. facials. spray tans.

Burbank, CA
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Miss Mekah
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    "They fall short on submitting claims & lack compassion. The rep "Isis" hung up on me before the conversation was over. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR $$$, BUT DON'T EXPECT CUSTOMER SERVICE."
    Miss MekahMiss Mekah · Сентябрь 4, 2013
    · Бойсе, США
    "This was my 1st visit (I usually take my car elsewhere) & I have to say... I wasn't impressed. I had to go back over the entire car with my own shammy to remove spots they missed & dry it completely."
    Miss MekahMiss Mekah · Сентябрь 3, 2013
    · Бербанк, США
    "Check out the new website: www.mekahsbodyshop.com"
    Miss MekahMiss Mekah · Май 25, 2013
    · Бербанк, США
    "The hours listed state they open @ 7am. This is NOT the case. They open @ 9am......."
    Miss MekahMiss Mekah · Апрель 9, 2013
    Страховая компания
    · Бербанк, США
    "Full body waxing, facials, peels, micro-dermabrasion, hydro-dermabrasion, sunless airbrush tanning, lash extensions, make-up..."
    Miss MekahMiss Mekah · Июнь 21, 2012
    · Studio City, США