Meshi Davis

Meshi Davis


Host of Miss Bon Vivant Live, #Cunard Member, #BonVivant #Golf #Fashion #WineEnthusiast, Founder of Socially Luxe, LLC / BVS Worldwide, LLC

Boston, MA - Los Angeles - New York
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Los Angeles
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Las Vegas
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New York
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Meshi Davis
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Food for the connoisseur of heart.
Meshi Davis
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Cunard, "The Most Famous Oceanliner In the World" provides 5 star service on The QM2 which should never be called a "cruise" ship. Superior luxury on water? It's Bon vivant lifestyle approved!
Meshi Davis
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1 место в том числе Codornices Park
Meshi Davis
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2 мест(-а) в том числе Mobay VIP lounge Montego Bay Airport, Cunard Line
Meshi Davis
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1 место в том числе Château de Chantilly
Meshi Davis
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23 мест(-а) в том числе Grand Central Oyster Bar, 99¢ Fresh Pizza, Bar 44, Ditch Plains
    Недавние подсказки от Meshi
    "Boston Logan Airport is easy to navigate, everyone is helpful and friendly here. I highly recommend making a appointment to become TSA Pre Check so you can fly through the line. Delta Skycap is #1!"
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Январь 7, 2020
    · Бостон, США
    "Check out Paisley Park, Prince’s gift shop and The PGA Golf Lounge! ❤️❤️❤️"
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Сентябрь 20, 2019
    "You must try the Lobster Fliori🔥 it has spiral pasta with healthy bits of Lobster and seafood. The sauce gives your taste buds a flavorful introduction once you dig in."
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Апрель 10, 2015
    · Западный Голливуд, США
    "This is a magical place for the little ones. I was one of those kids, on a field trip (in the 70's) and I will never forget the concrete slide! I'm on a mission to revisit some of my favorite places."
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Октябрь 4, 2014
    · Беркли, США
    "As you disembark, you'll find your luggage in the section provided by your tags. Baggage handler is a MUST! You'll be placed in a speedy line instead of the endless maze. Tip them b4 you leave."
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Август 30, 2014
    · Бруклин, США
    "19 Staterooms. Yes I dressed up to enter her Palace. Each room tells a story of the lives of those before us and of those who are living especially HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Highly recommended. Aug-Sept"
    Meshi DavisMeshi Davis · Август 30, 2014
    · Лондон, Великобритания