The Food of Istanbul, Turkey
Kandilli Suna'nın Yeri is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

1. Kandilli Suna'nın Yeri

Kandilli Mah. Kandilli İskele Cad. No:17 Üsküdar, Стамбул, Стамбул
Ресторан морепродуктов · Kandilli · Подсказок и отзывов: 597

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: A small fish restaurant that, with its army of tables, chairs and frazzled waiters, seems to have conquered waterfront of Bosphorus-side Kandilli neighborhood. Full review here: http://bit.ly/I0g62Y

Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

2. Şeyhmuz Kebap Salonu

Çemberlitaş, Стамбул, Стамбул
Ресторан кебабов · Fatih · Подсказок и отзывов: 168

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: It was not until the food bloggers of Istanbul Eats sat in Şeyhmus Kebap Evi that they came to know what delicious kebab actually sounds like. Full review: http://bit.ly/ImhH1W

Bahar Esnaf Lokantası is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

3. Bahar Esnaf Lokantası

İstinye, Стамбул, Стамбул
Турецкий ресторан · İstinye · Подсказок и отзывов: 71

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: Hand-written menu has no more than 4-5 items. Must have - doner! Cafe owner buys meat from a butcher, cuts it into flat filets & skewers it according to his own methods. Review: http://bit.ly/Hv20cM

Tarihi Fatih Sarmacısı is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

4. Tarihi Fatih Sarmacısı

Fevzi Paşa Cad. Aslanhane Sok. No:14 Fatih (Fevzi Paşa Caddesi), Стамбул, Стамбул
Кондитерская · Ali Kuscu · Подсказок и отзывов: 59

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: Eti brand pop kek – those unctuous and delicious cakes frosted or stuffed with everything from raisins to chocolate. New favorite cake, sarma ( “wrapped” or “rolled up”.) Review: http://bit.ly/IgjGs6

Öz Kilis Kebap ve Lahmacun Salonu is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

5. Öz Kilis Kebap ve Lahmacun Salonu

Hırka-i Şerif Cd. Bedrettin Simavi Sk. No: 5, Fatih, Стамбул
Ресторан кебабов · Fatih · Подсказок и отзывов: 538

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: Kebab that Ddserves to be panned. A wonderful little spot on quiet back street in Fatih neighborhood run by two Kilis natives. Their kebab making reputation is well deserved: http://bit.ly/Hx3Zhz

Semolina Kafe & Restoran is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

6. Semolina Kafe & Restoran

Caferağa Mah. Ressam Şeref Akdik Sok. No:7/A, Стамбул, Стамбул
Итальянский ресторан · Caferağa · Подсказок и отзывов: 128

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: You open the door and are wrapped the scents of hot espresso and fresh basil, of Parmesan cheese and spicy puttanesca sauce bubbling in a pan. Full review: http://bit.ly/ImOTq2

Baylan is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

7. Baylan

Muvakkithane Cad. No:9/A, Кадыкёй, Стамбул
Магазин выпечки · Подсказок и отзывов: 887

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: To many Istanbulites, it must be tender reminder of days when local places got classed-up w/ European names: a whimsical chapter in culinary story of city. Macaroons & chocolate: http://bit.ly/IgmZzB

8. Sultanahmet Koftecisi

Istiklal Cad., Бейоглу, Стамбул
Ресторан средиземноморской кухни · 1 подсказка

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: Landmark Meatballs! Full review: http://istanbuleats.com/2012/01/nuruosmaniye-koftecisi-landmark-meatballs/

Pandeli is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

9. Pandeli

Mısır Çarşısı No: 1 (The Spice Bazaar) Eminönü (Ragıp Gümüşpala Cad.), Стамбул, Стамбул
Турецкий ресторан · Подсказок и отзывов: 170

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: At Pandeli you pay for ambiance & view: http://bit.ly/I0kIWN If you are in for substantial meal, go w/ hunkar begendi (lamb bits over eggplant puree), kuzu tandir & kagitta levrek. Not cheap, bu good.

Bizim Ev Restaurant & Cafe is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

10. Bizim Ev Restaurant & Cafe

Oya Sok. No:16 Mecidiyeköy Şişli, Стамбул, Стамбул
Кафе · Gülbahar · Подсказок и отзывов: 58

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: Cozy, the place welcomes you with an immediate barrage of choices. In addition to Laz boregi, try savory borek stuffed w/ roasted eggplant Daily selection of savory boreks: http://bit.ly/Hx6mB1

Küçük Ev is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

11. Küçük Ev

Doğuş Center Maslak (Ahi Evran Polaris Cad. No: 4), Стамбул, Стамбул
Ресторан домашней турецкой кухни · Maslak · Подсказок и отзывов: 57

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: 6 beers & 4 plates of hamsi came to 70 TL - best deal in town. Located on small plaza of meyhane & fish stands, feels like you've wandered into kitchen of very hospitable family: http://bit.ly/In1jOX

12. Neden Urfa Şark Sofrası

Sofular Cad. No:12 Aksaray (Vatan Cad.), Fatih, Стамбул
Ресторан кебабов · Подсказок и отзывов: 117

M. Silver AssociatesM. Silver Associates: You'll be faced with difficult task of choosing between a list of kebab, try a mixed grill platter. The food is intoxicating as the name indicates! Full review: http://bit.ly/HuEfwM

Köfteci Cemal is one of The Food of Istanbul, Turkey.

13. Köfteci Cemal

Ferikoy Firin Sokak Kosesi
Закусочная на колесах · Merkez · Подсказок и отзывов: 2