Stephen Sanders

Stephen Sanders


U.S. Foreign Service Officer. San Diego native. Berkeley graduate. Teach for America NYC alum. Former New Orleans prosecutor. Bohemian Conservative.

Washington D.C.
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Stephen Sanders
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Stephen Sanders
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    Недавние подсказки от Stephen
    "Making American-style shirts the old fashioned way in Japan. Love the color selection and the service."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Август 30, 2014
    Магазин мужской одежды
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "Excellent food at great prices in a very stylish atmosphere. First time? Try a sampler platter. It's enough for two."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Август 30, 2014
    Эфиопский ресторан
    · Вашингтон, США
    "Excellent fresh sashimi at very affordable prices."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Июнь 20, 2014
    Рыбный магазин
    · Тайбэй, Китайская Республика
    "A pretty crazy selection of Legos, particularly some hard to find recent sets and minifigures. Nothing old, however, and some things are for display and not for sale."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Апрель 14, 2014
    Магазин игрушек / игр
    · Тайбэй, Китайская Республика
    "Their Bacon cheeseburger is by far the best Burger that I've had in Taiwan."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Апрель 9, 2014
    · Тайбэй, Китайская Республика
    "Tasty noodles and other great dishes at reasonable prices in an elegant small space."
    Stephen SandersStephen Sanders · Март 27, 2014
    Тайваньский ресторан
    · Тайбэй, Китайская Республика