The Daytripper's Dallas
Reunion Tower is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

1. Reunion Tower

300 Reunion Blvd E, Даллас, TX
Обзорная площадка · Подсказок и отзывов: 72

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: The best way to see the city is from the top of the Reunion Tower with a beautiful view you won’t find anywhere else. One of the coolest parts is the glass elevator that lets you watch your ascent.

2. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

2201 N Field St (at Woodall Rodgers Fwy.), Даллас, TX
Научный музей · Подсказок и отзывов: 185

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: If you’ve ever been curious about anything…at all…then head to the Perot Museum. Here you’ll find all kinds of exhibits on dinosaurs, cadavers, robotics, sports and much more.

The Wild Detectives is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

3. The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th St (btwn N. Bishop Ave. & N. Madison Ave.), Даллас, TX
Книжный магазин · Подсказок и отзывов: 37

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: One of the can’t-miss shops is Wild Detective, a coffee shop/book store/bar in an old house where coffee, community and creativity come together for the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

M'Antiques is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

4. M'Antiques

424 W Davis St, Даллас, TX
Антикварный магазин · Подсказок и отзывов: 11

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: Mantiques, an antique store for the manly man, with items like stuffed albino cobras, spears, swords and shark teeth…? Enjoy a complementary Lone Star Beer while you peruse.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

5. Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W 8th St Ste 102 (at N. Bishop Ave.), Даллас, TX
Шоколадная лавка · Подсказок и отзывов: 42

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: She serves all kinds of unique guilty pleasures from flower child (an earl grey tea flavored chocolate) to chocolate salami (her specialty mix of chocolate, dates and nuts).

Pecan Lodge is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

6. Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St (at Pryor St), Даллас, TX
Гриль-бар / Шашлычная · Подсказок и отзывов: 220

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: You may have to wait in line, but the juicy, flavorful ‘que will be well worth it. They even have a meal that’s as big as Dallas, itself, “The Trough” – a BBQ sampler serving 4-5 folks.

7. Chicken Scratch

2303 Pittman St (at The Foundry), Даллас, TX
Жареные цыплята · Подсказок и отзывов: 64

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: Their specialty is a modern version of the classic Chicken Biscuit. These behemoths contain crispy fried chicken, fresh cured bacon and scratch-made sauces layered into one sandwich.

The Foundry is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

8. The Foundry

2303 Pittman St (at W. Commerce St.), Даллас, TX
Пивной сад · Fort Worth Avenue · Подсказок и отзывов: 54

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: Be sure to stop at the Foundry Bar next door which has live music and outdoor games to help you kick back after a day on the town.

Continental Avenue Bridge is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

9. Continental Avenue Bridge

Trinity River, Даллас, TX
Мост · Подсказок и отзывов: 8

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: The Continental Avenue Bridge which overlooks the Trinity River. This bridge is complete with an urban biking trail, rock climbing walls and the perfect view of the Dallas skyline in the distance.

Trinity Skyline Trail is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

10. Trinity Skyline Trail

Даллас, TX
Тропа · Подсказок и отзывов: 4

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: To get up close and personal with the Trinity River, you don’t even have to leave the city. You can head here for an afternoon hike or bike that winds around the city and next to the river.

Red Star Bicycles is one of The Daytripper's Dallas.

11. Red Star Bicycles

155 Parkhouse St, Даллас, TX
Веломагазин · Подсказок и отзывов: 3

The DaytripperThe Daytripper: If you need a bike, this is the place for you. There, you can buy hardcore bikes that are decked out in spikes and skeletons, or you can settle for renting a regular bikes if spikes aren’t your thing.