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Cornucopia of awesomeness. Usually found drinking good beer while talking about movies & geek related things. foursquare SU3 and also run the 4sqATL community.

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Chad Elkins
36 места обновлены Апрель 24, 2017
Atlanta is home to some of the best burger restaurants in the world. Have you tried them all?
Chad Elkins
28 места обновлены Март 29, 2018
Collection of venues to help you find the best tacos Atlanta has to offer. EAT MOAR TACOS!
Chad Elkins
8 места обновлены Декабрь 24, 2011
Collection of movie theaters that show films which often never make it to the larger multiplex style theaters as well as theaters that are independently owned.
Chad Elkins
37 места обновлены Ноябрь 24, 2013
Georgia is quickly becoming a popular spot for filming movies. This is a collection of various locations that you will recognize from some of those films.
Chad Elkins
32 места обновлены Июль 3, 2013
A collection of locations that were used during filming of The Walking Dead on AMC.
Chad Elkins
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81 мест(-а) в том числе Little 5 Corner Tavern, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA), Коллекция Фрика, Sutra Lounge
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    "This beautiful historic home is featured in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" as the filming location for the mansion of President Coriolanus Snow, played by veteran actor Donald Sutherland."
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Ноябрь 24, 2013
    Историческое место
    · Атланта, США
    "This alternative take on burger toppings with pastrami, Russian dressing, gruyere cheese, pickles, and caramelized onions, makes this one or Atlanta's must try burgers."
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Сентябрь 18, 2013
    · Атланта, США
    "Vegetarians can enjoy a meatless version of their delicious banh mi sandwiches with both vegetable and tofu (pictured) options available. Don't forget a bubble tea!"
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Сентябрь 18, 2013
    Вьетнамский ресторан
    · Атланта, США
    "In The Walking Dead S3 opener, we find Andrea & Michonne resting in this meat processing store. Andrea is sick so Michonne leaves her & the "pet" walkers here while she searches the town for medicine."
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Июль 3, 2013
    · Haralson, США
    "In the S2 finale of The Walking Dead, the group camps here for the night after evacuating Hershel's farm. This is the location where Rick tells Lori he killed Shane & gives his "Ricktatorship" speech."
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Июль 3, 2013
    Места на свежем воздухе
    · Senoia, США
    "Meat takes the spotlight at this world famous BBQ joint, but vegetarians can enjoy a terrific meal here as well. Try the griddled pimento cheese sandwich paired with one of many delicious side items."
    Chad ElkinsChad Elkins · Июнь 15, 2013
    Гриль-бар / Шашлычная
    · Атланта, США