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Kevin Slavin

Kevin Slavin


New York · Superuser icon?Суперпользователь: уровень 1
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  • New York
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  • Venice, Veneto, Italy
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New York
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1 Список создан · 3 Подсказки
1 Список создан · 2 Подсказки
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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1 Подсказка
1 Подсказка
Venice, Veneto, Italy
1 Список создан
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Kevin Slavin
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1 место в том числе Moss Café: Farm-To-Table Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Kevin Slavin
5 места обновлены Декабрь 20, 2015
5 мест(-а) в том числе La Zucca, Antica Locanda Montin, Antiche Carampane, La Bottega Ai Promessi Sposi
Kevin Slavin
1 места обновлены Январь 1, 2014
1 место в том числе Roma Sparita
Kevin Slavin
1 места обновлены Август 23, 2013
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Kevin Slavin
1 места обновлены Июль 14, 2013
1 место в том числе Dover Furnace Shooting Grounds
Kevin Slavin
1 места обновлены Июнь 14, 2013
1 место в том числе Hiko Sushi
    Недавние подсказки от Kevin
    "Don’t know what the strategy is to beat amazon but staffing a store with people that know nothing about the store or it’s products is not the answer."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Февраль 24, 2019
    · Бронкс, США
    "I love dogs and dog parks but for ppl (like my friend) made anxious by big dogs running free: the common, banned, but unenforced practice of bringing off-leash dogs make this a no-go for many people"
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Сентябрь 23, 2018
    Детская площадка
    · Бронкс, США
    "LEAVE YOURSELF ABSURD TIME FOR CHECKIN. The airport is inexplicably understaffed, w/atrocious wayfinding, and awful system integrations so you’ll run across terminals trying to find the right machine"
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Сентябрь 9, 2018
    Железнодорожная станция
    · Каструп, Дания
    "Be prepared to wait to sit but also: don't wait for a menu... It won't arrive. Go to the back window and wait to order there. It's all cool because here you are in lovely Maine, but sheesh."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Октябрь 27, 2013
    · Кэмден, США
    "No free wifi! Also no hats."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Август 31, 2013
    · Париж, Франция
    "Don't know from the spa but the hotel is unremarkable. Nothing bad and nothing to recommend it."
    Kevin SlavinKevin Slavin · Август 6, 2013
    · Studio City, США