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Conner Hobson

Conner Hobson


Berkeley, CA
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San Jose
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San Francisco
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Holly Springs
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Conner Hobson
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Conner Hobson
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Conner Hobson
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Conner Hobson
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    Недавние подсказки от Conner
    "Exorbitant prices for substandard tex-mex fare. The “agua fresca” was nothing of the sort; I’m pretty sure it was Minute Maid."
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Ноябрь 23, 2017
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Лос-Анджелес, США
    "Expect to wait an hour or more. The breakfast was excellent, especially the smoked salmon scramble, but I wouldn't endure the 1 hour and 20 minute wait again it took to finally be seated."
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Июль 11, 2016
    · Сан-Франциско, США
    "This place was actually really bad. We got several small plates to share and nothing was that edible. The Peruvian ceviche was the worst thing I've ever been served at a restaurant."
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Март 4, 2016
    Ресторан тапас
    · Маунтин-Вью, США
    "The salmon fish & chips were revelatory to me, I'd never seen such a thing on a menu before. Get them!!"
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Март 4, 2016
    · Маунтин-Вью, США
    "This place is fun. The crepes are endlessly customizable and all come done up with animal faces. The only downside is it's cash only."
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Март 4, 2016
    · Сан-Франциско, США
    "This place is really authentic, from the design to the extremely pleasant management. I got the escargot and feuilleté de legumes and they were delicious."
    Conner HobsonConner Hobson · Март 4, 2016
    Французский ресторан
    · Маунтин-Вью, США