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Los Angeles
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Sandra Rubinchik
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Sandra Rubinchik
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Sandra Rubinchik
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Sandra Rubinchik
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Sandra Rubinchik
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Sandra Rubinchik
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    Недавние подсказки от Sandra
    "You can easily order two pizzas and a few apps for two people. Wine bottles start at $70 so save up your allowance!"
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · 1 неделю назад
    · Филадельфия, США
    "All apps comes with some kind of bread, rolls or loaf, so consider yourself warned about the carb load you’re in for. Veal meatballs are lovely, cavatelli is a hit, and pizzas have a nice, thin crust."
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · 1 неделю назад
    Итальянский ресторан
    · Филадельфия, США
    "Lovely beer garden tucked under the Reading Viaduct. Great vibes for a date or a group hang. Outside food is allowed (encouraged?) so you’ll see plenty of folks coming in with pizza boxes."
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · 1 неделю назад
    Пивной сад
    · Филадельфия, США
    "Late night slice shop open way past the hours listed on Google Maps."
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · 1 неделю назад
    · Филадельфия, США
    "Wonderful oasis right off the main highway. Attentive staff, large portions, and they do takeout, too. Stuffed squash blossoms put the yassss in yassas."
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · Май 21
    · Ретимнон, Греция
    "Get the soup with dushpara, little meat dumplings. Pour in some vinegar and eat it while it’s hot!"
    Sandra RubinchikSandra Rubinchik · Апрель 15
    Кавказская кухня
    · Нью-Йорк, США