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New York, NY
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Sonya Bonczek
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Sonya Bonczek
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Sonya Bonczek
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Sonya Bonczek
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    Недавние подсказки от Sonya
    "All of the mezzes are so special, get 2-3 per person and share. Save room for the tahini sundae...it’s out of this world."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Май 27, 2018
    Средиземноморская кухня
    · Бёрлингтон, США
    "Everyone keeps talking about the ox cheek...but let's keep talking about the ox cheek. Chef told us they braise the ox in red wine for 3 days. Also, the side of truffle mash. Almost worth it alone."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Август 27, 2014
    Скандинавский ресторан
    · Стокгольм, Швеция
    "Hot tea served before you can ask for it--so nice on a cold winter day."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Январь 3, 2014
    · Нью-Йорк, США
    "The Don Pepino (cucumber, cilantro, tajin) is pretty great. Like a spicy cucumber green apple jolly rancher--I know that sounds fucking weird, but it works)."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Ноябрь 4, 2012
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Бруклин, США
    "They've got a nice little garden out back--now all Maya needs are some strong margs and tasty Mexican beers."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Июнь 23, 2011
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Бруклин, США
    "If you're waiting for your takeout on a weeknight, they'll give you some fresh naan to nibble on while you hang out. Unless mr. India place just likes me the best. Win."
    Sonya BonczekSonya Bonczek · Январь 18, 2011
    Индийская кухня
    · Бруклин, США