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A little tech, a little cooking, a little photography, some humor and sarcasm.

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New York
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Miami Beach
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New Orleans
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San Francisco
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Steve LeVine
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Steve LeVine
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New Orleans
Steve LeVine
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Places to checkout on my trip to Nantucket
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    "You come here for the best Mojito in Miami or really any cocktail that you want prepared by masters of the craft. Live music adds to a festive atmosphere."
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 5 дня(-ей) назад
    · Майами, США
    "Had a breakfast sandwich which was pretty good. They also had good cold brew (Starbucks) coffee."
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 6 дня(-ей) назад
    · Windsor, США
    "It was just “meh”. I’ve had better food and service at some diners. Not horrible but not good enough to@bring me back."
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 6 дня(-ей) назад
    · Windsor, США
    "The burger with mushrooms and Swiss was good as were the sweet potato fries and chocolate lava cake. The beer selections are quite extensive and nice with reasonable prices. Good service as well."
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 1 неделю назад
    Американский ресторан
    · Windsor, США
    "The shrimp al ajillo was tasty. Be warned that this place is basically a diner. Dressing for salad is literally a packet of Ken’s Dressing. Service is not just fast- it’s rushed. Prices are reasonable"
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    Кубинский ресторан
    · Майами, США
    "The two (large) pancakes with fresh strawberries and banana on top were good. My wife enjoyed her eggs Benedict. Surprisingly good food, service and reasonable prices, especially for the portions."
    Steve LeVineSteve LeVine · 2 недели(-ль) назад
    Историческое место
    · Майами-Бич, США