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Stuart Coates


PORTLAND // living and working at the intersection of design & urban development. 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼

Portland, OR
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Stuart Coates
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Stuart Coates
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Stuart Coates
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Stuart Coates
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Stuart Coates
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    "Not much having changed to the former Locale space other than the addition of a tropical noise machine and revamped, fruitier menu, I look forward to a deeper conceptual dive into its Florida theme."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Июль 14
    · Портленд, США
    "Chapel Hill is the more airy and capable manifestation of its predecessor Church. For better or for worse, this fast casual, semi-thematic bar is what a new bar in 2018 looks like."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Апрель 28
    · Портленд, США
    "Be here to be seen. Go on, get dressed up, there aren't a lot of places like this in Portland, so just enjoy yourself and the view."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Август 18, 2017
    · Портленд, США
    "Well trained staff went above and beyond to anticipate and satisfy my wants while engaging in genuine conversation. I came for one coffee and left having had three + toast & jam. Bravo."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Август 18, 2017
    · Портленд, США
    "With an enormous projection screen, competent staff, and a surprisingly robust food menu, it's hard to think of a sports bar with more positive energy than this place."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Август 18, 2017
    · Портленд, США
    "With an expertly curated selection of pastas, meats, cheeses, produce, and sweets, this place will have you feeling like you've stepped out of Portland and into a quant European market."
    Stuart CoatesStuart Coates · Август 18, 2017
    Еда и напитки
    · Портленд, США