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Please like this page for short and innacurate reviews of airport gates.

Paris, France
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    "Before entering the line, make sure it isn’t more crowded than other security lines. Sometimes they are victims of their own success."
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · 2 дня(-ей) назад
    Служба аэропорта
    · Берлин, Германия
    "Bathroom is just below the bar area, at the street level. Ring the bell by the door to be let in."
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · Сентябрь 10
    Пивной сад
    · Берлин, Германия
    "Surprisingly it *looks* like this gate has enough seats to fit a plane’s worth of passengers. One miserable charging station right of boarding area."
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · Август 23
    Выход на посадку
    · Schönefeld, Германия
    "Half of the last 4 years of Paris startup series A/B/C were probably discussed here. Slow service, trendy spot"
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · Июль 26
    · Париж, Франция
    "This gate is a joke. Prepare to sit on the floor. Not a single power socket - why would you need one anyway? Safe low-battery flight!"
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · Март 7
    Выход на посадку
    · Schönefeld, Германия
    "With active Foursquare users *and* a Shake Shack, this place feels like 2011 NYC all over again. Jokes aside: the quiet toilet is in front of gate AE1."
    Théo BlochetThéo Blochet · Декабрь 23, 2021
    · Arnavutköy, Турция