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Las Condes, Chile
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  • San Pedro de Atacama
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San Pedro de Atacama
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Joosep Nirgi
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Joosep Nirgi
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    "Best pizzas in town! Very good service and the quality and prices are best in the sector! Go and try out! Good pisco sours and desserts- try pizza diavola and dessert tiramisu or banana split"
    Joosep NirgiJoosep Nirgi · Ноябрь 28, 2014
    · Las Condes, Чили
    "Very nice comfortable hostel. The kitchen is big and clean and has all that you need. The rooms are nicely decorated and clean, offer towels. The service is excellent. Beautiful outside sitting area."
    Joosep NirgiJoosep Nirgi · Сентябрь 28, 2014
    · Сан-Педро-де-Атакама, Чили