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State College, USA
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Kuwait City
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State College
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Al Farwānīyah
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San Francisco
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Hamid Alan9ary
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    "Many thanks to the team here for accommodating our needs in advance.Our experience here was very pleasant. We enjoyed all the meats specially Kofte and Kunefe in desert."
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Апрель 17
    Турецкий ресторан
    · Питтсбург, США
    "So many wonderful flavors and options for breakfast that reminded me of Istanbul even the tea 😁 everything we had tasted good and fresh 👌🏽 great Managment and friendly staff."
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Март 30
    · Манассас, США
    "AMAZING burger and v good pancakes 👍🏼 was definitely worth the stop. Very friendly staff here and many thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for a wonderful meal ☺️ cookies were good also"
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Март 30
    Американская кухня
    · Петербург, США
    "Team members in the front end were friendly and professional, seasoning of seafood was 2 spicy even after getting the mild option! With that said, I think it’s a bit over priced. Skip the crawfish 🦞"
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Март 27
    Каджунский / Креольский ресторан
    · Арлингтон, США
    "Amazing place to have coffee or eat. Love the bakery items 😋 they also have a good mine for a main course or light bite. Staff were friendly and ambiance is lovely"
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Март 27
    · Арлингтон, США
    "Staff were friendly and professional, ambiance was good. However, some dishes weren’t as expected and some were over priced! I guess the best items were in the appetizer section and salads."
    Hamid Alan9aryHamid Alan9ary · Март 27
    Ресторан современной американской кухни
    · Fairfax, США