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Romain D.

Romain D.

In search of the best mezcal cocktails and clearest waters...

New York, NY · Superuser icon?Суперпользователь: уровень 1
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  • New York
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  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols
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Romain : лучшие города
New York
7 Списки созданы · 14 Подсказки
7 Списки созданы · 8 Подсказки
3 Списки созданы · 2 Подсказки
3 Списки созданы
1 Список создан · 1 Подсказка
2 Списки созданы
Los Angeles
2 Подсказки
1 Список создан · 1 Подсказка
Sant Feliu de Guíxols
2 Подсказки
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Romain D.
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Romain D.
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Romain D.
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Romain D.
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Romain D.
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Romain D.
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3 days
    Недавние подсказки от Romain
    "Come for the better music, stay for the vibe and the stronger drinks... time to expand this place!"
    Romain D.Romain D. · Январь 4
    Ночной клуб
    · Флорианополис, Бразилия
    "Great outdoor mega club by the beach with many drinks and food options throughout the night. Amenities are also quite decent and the crowd is usually good (looking) too! Definitely worth a try!"
    Romain D.Romain D. · Январь 2
    · Бразилия
    "Beach hopping? You might have to skip this one... absolutely impossible to get to it without staying at one of the hotels unfortunately... (or swimming from the Southern side)!"
    Romain D.Romain D. · Ноябрь 29, 2019
    · Барбадос
    "Leave your phone behind and carry real ID. Warm outfits, lights and water at night. Spot bathrooms by their two distinctive blue lights in the sky. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. ✌🏼"
    Romain D.Romain D. · Сентябрь 2, 2019
    · США
    "Decent lounge in new terminal B (by LGA standards). Spacious, comfortable and with outlets everywhere."
    Romain D.Romain D. · Август 15, 2019
    · East Elmhurst, США
    "cheap drinks, music 🎶 and great happy hour! 4 dollar 💵 🍺"
    Romain D.Romain D. · Май 13, 2019
    · Бруклин, США