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Jessica Harris

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Jessica Harris
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    "Fish soup, crab cake, tuna steak (none of which I can pronounce in French but didn't matter because our waiter spoke at LEAST 5 languages) + wine...probably my favorite meal in Europe so far."
    Jessica HarrisJessica Harris · Октябрь 21, 2014
    Фиш энд чипс
    · Брюссель, Бельгия
    "The outside loop is always less crowded, so you don't have to dodge all the walkers. And most of it's dirt instead of pavement, so it's not as hard on your knees."
    Jessica HarrisJessica Harris · Март 19, 2013
    · Сиэтл, США
    "The chicken wings are actual, full-size wings, and they are AMAZING."
    Jessica HarrisJessica Harris · Март 17, 2013
    · Сиэтл, США