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Susan S.


New York, NY
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New York
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Buenos Aires
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Tel Aviv
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Los Angeles
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San Juan
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Susan S.
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Susan S.
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Susan S.
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Susan S.
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    Недавние подсказки от Susan
    "Wow, que rico todo! Quedé impresionada con todo y con el servicio, los margaritas son súper buenas y la comida es algo especial - hay que pedir el ceviche y la corvina con mantequilla de maracuyá!"
    Susan S.Susan S. · Декабрь 23, 2021
    · Мадрид, Испания
    "The veggie ramen is amazing! It’s delicious and mushroomy but has fun things like beets and fennel. Best vegetarian ramen I’ve ever had."
    Susan S.Susan S. · Октябрь 27, 2021
    Китайская лапша
    · Париж, Франция
    "Great little Turkish spot! Get the spicy vegetarian wrap, it’s very cheap and very tasty!"
    Susan S.Susan S. · Август 16, 2020
    Турецкий ресторан
    · Париж, Франция
    "This place is popular for a reason - it’s delicious! Lebanese ice cream has a slightly different or “chewy” texture that is so satisfying. The small size is huge and don’t skip the pistachios!"
    Susan S.Susan S. · Август 16, 2020
    · Париж, Франция
    "Lovely and cute cafe/restaurant with fun and unique lattes like the black sesame latte! The green goddess bowl was incredibly flavorful and it was just the perfect lunch. Great ambiance!"
    Susan S.Susan S. · Август 16, 2020
    · Париж, Франция
    "Cute cafe, very nice food but the service was an absolute mess - the staff was friendly but seemed completely confused and almost ridiculously disorganized. Maybe it was just a bad day, tasty though."
    Susan S.Susan S. · Август 16, 2020
    · Marseille, Франция