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Toby Searl

Toby Searl


Mexico City, 09
  • 92 подсказок
  • 82 подписчиков
  • 27 подписок
  • 11 Списки
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  • Mexico City
  • Cuauhtémoc
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Miguel Hidalgo
  • Oaxaca
  • Melbourne
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  • Buenos Aires
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Toby : лучшие города
Mexico City
5 Списки созданы · 31 Подсказки
4 Списки созданы · 11 Подсказки
Puerto Escondido
5 Подсказки
Miguel Hidalgo
1 Список создан · 3 Подсказки
4 Подсказки
1 Список создан · 2 Подсказки
3 Подсказки
Buenos Aires
1 Список создан
1 Подсказка
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Toby Searl
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Toby Searl
2 места обновлены Июль 26, 2014
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Toby Searl
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Toby Searl
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Toby Searl
3 места обновлены Июль 6, 2014
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Toby Searl
2 места обновлены Январь 4, 2015
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    Недавние подсказки от Toby
    "Sweet little place off the beach, can't comment about the coffee but the lassies were good. The focaccia was decent too. Some cool graffiti around here!"
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Апрель 6, 2015
    · Мексика
    "Great atmosphere here, some live music, friendly staff and some great food. We had the seafood for two, a lot of stuff and at a pretty good price. The bar itself looks like a great spot for a drink!"
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Апрель 6, 2015
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Мексика
    "We had the burger and prawn tacos,western style tacos and the burger wasn't great.The place is trying,but lacking something.Friendly staff,but as all things on the island,don't expect speedy service!"
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Апрель 6, 2015
    · Мексика
    "Seems to be a nice little run family/local business with good pizza and pretty decent prices.Lobster pizza is bloody high though, can't comment on the taste! But shitty staff really pull a place down."
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Апрель 6, 2015
    Карибский ресторан
    · Holbox, Мексика
    "Not sure on the Foursquare score here, a very ordinary at best pizza with a really sweet crust. I'm sure you can find somewhere better around Polanco. 50 Friends for one!"
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Апрель 6, 2015
    · Miguel Hidalgo, Мексика
    "Another great find with amazing coffee. Awesome space with friendly and smiley service. Mex City's coffee movement is getting better... This cafe is certainly up there! Two thumbs up 👍👍"
    Toby SearlToby Searl · Март 22, 2015
    · Мехико, Мексика