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Jana A. Kri

Jana A. Kri

Prague 5
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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    Недавние подсказки от Jana A. Kri
    "Disastrous service! It feels like the staff just dropped in from working in a beauty salon. That’s a pity, because the place is nice and the desserts are amazing. Coffee - Italian standard."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Октябрь 29, 2020
    · Прага, Чехия
    "Potentially the best coffee in Brno. Their V60 is mastered to the T. Great seasonal specials: espresso+crodino in summer, Earl Grey Irish Coffee in winter. Minimalist, yet you don’t need more."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Январь 18, 2020
    · Брно, Чехия
    "Best Korean in town. It’s refreshing to see something else than Bibimbap or Bulgogi. Rice cakes and Korean ramen are recommendable. Authentic and atmospheric, you even ring a bell to make an order."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Январь 18, 2020
    Корейский ресторан
    · Прага, Чехия
    "Very old school. Outdated facilities, small changing rooms. The staff is friendly and I imagine the lessons are great. The biggest advantage is a large, well-lit dancing hall with huge windows."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Январь 18, 2020
    Танцевальная студия
    · Прага, Чехия
    "It used to be “hot” in early 2000, now it’s more of a place to go when there’s no choice. Still extremely strong cigarette smell from the pre-smoking ban times. Very low-key but there’re better bars."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Январь 18, 2020
    · Прага, Чехия
    "This place is very atmospheric,southern US-style,which is reflected in the cocktail and food menu.Really friendly staff who are willing to mix a cocktail of your choice. Rather pricey but not touristy"
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Январь 18, 2020
    Ресторан кухни юга США
    · Prague 1, Чехия