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Santa Monica, CA
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Chiang Mai
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Buenos Aires
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Tel Aviv
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Highland Park
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George Town
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Mexico City
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Mr Spock
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Mr Spock
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    Недавние подсказки от Mr
    "Great open air Tlayudaria. Everyone needs to try the “giant flat taco” known as the Tlayuda here, each one a meal all it’s own. Packed with delicious grilled meats and spices! The guac is perfect too."
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Август 17, 2020
    Мексиканская кухни
    · Тапачула, Мексика
    "Awesome little Thai and Vietnamese ethnic market with a prepared foods section with lots of Thai goodies like noodles and Penang pork etc"
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Август 20, 2019
    Вьетнамский ресторан
    · Silver Spring, США
    "Avoid. Smells either like painfully caustic rose scent or glue in the hallways. They charge $7 for every cheap plastic room card you misplace."
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Ноябрь 3, 2018
    · Padang Matsirat, Малайзия
    "Relaxing massages well done by a lovely staff well trained in reflexology and touch. Remember to tip!"
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Ноябрь 1, 2018
    Массажная студия
    · Джорджтаун, Малайзия
    "Sensational marinated double cooked pork and amazing fried squid with pepper and salt. Unpretentious, down-home Chinese cooking. A must try."
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Октябрь 31, 2018
    Китайский ресторан
    · Джорджтаун, Малайзия
    "Outrageously good Thai dishes in a somewhat formal environment for Penang and prices to match — still cheap for the extraordinary food. Fried marinated pork strips a must try."
    Mr SpockMr Spock · Октябрь 30, 2018
    Тайский ресторан
    · Джорджтаун, Малайзия