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  • Eric S.
    Eric StankovitzИюль 8
    The best rollercoaster in the world. I rode it twice this past trip and its still amazing. Front row is just extremely exhilarating and the back row, which I tried for the first time, is really fast.
  • Coaster Addict
    Coaster AddictАпрель 21, 2014
    When it comes to greatness among gigas, this coaster is a can't miss. Since 2000, this giga has been ranked among the top steel tracks in the world - for us, it is #1 overall and the true standard!
  • Martin L.
    Martin LewisonАвгуст 10
    MF is a very big, very fun, very fast roller coaster. Despite its size, it’s not very extreme in its forces, making it appropriate for most family members. The height restriction is only 48”, or 4 ft.
  • Jon H.
    Jon HighlanderСентябрь 14, 2015
    5 minute to a 2 hour wait. Its worth it. Ride this beast in the early morning and at night and you will feel you go much faster. Most exciting part is the first drop. Voted best steel coaster!
  • Kate H.
    Kate H.Август 31, 2014
    The fastest, tallest, steepest coaster in the park (world?). My favorite for thrill, comfort and length of ride. Do it!
  • Sara C.
    Sara CamdenИюль 11, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Though the feeling of the wind in your face from the front seat is awesome, you can't beat the back seat. When you crest 1st hill, it's like the crack of a whip - you are cooking!
  • Coaster Addict
    Coaster AddictСентябрь 2, 2013
    We still feel this is the best steel, non-inverting roller coaster ever built! If you are going to Cedar Point, be sure to get in line for this ride ASAP!
  • Hannah
    HannahОктябрь 19, 2014
    Hands down best ride in the park! Great steel coaster. Very smooth. Big drop & great view of park & lake! If you only have time to ride one--ride this!
  • Hannah
    HannahНоябрь 21, 2014
    Hands down best ride in the park. You HAVE to ride this. Downfall? Can't take anything - must get a locker. Also very weirdly small seatbelts. Try the test seat before waiting.
  • Megan R.
    Megan RaudabaughАвгуст 13, 2011
    This was my favorite ride at cedar point the mavrick was awesome too but a little to rough!!!!! Go the whole way with your hands up...best way to go on the ride!!!
  • Michael M.
    Michael MАвгуст 3, 2010
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Time it so you are at the top of the hill at sunset (which is usually around 8:45 in the summer) .. you can see the sun set right over Perry's Nuclear Power Plant.. very beautiful!
  • Jacob F.
    Jacob FordИюль 24, 2015
    If you're in line by 10pm, you get to ride. So watch the show, then sprint over the moment you see fireworks.
  • Bing
    BingИюль 26, 2012
    It broke 12 world records when it opened and remains the longest coaster in the US. Get ready for top speeds of scream-worthy 93 MPH! Get more thrills at http://binged.it/QjZ1sp.
  • Chris R.
    Chris RettichАвгуст 6, 2014
    Still one of my favorite roller coasters ever! Ride at night for an even better experience. Super smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Michael D.
    Michael DillonСентябрь 23, 2012
    Like everyone else says, ride at night. Amazing views and air time. Overall probably one of the best coasters ever created.
  • Amanda T.
    Amanda TarziaАвгуст 13, 2012
    Wear protection if u ride at night and are going through the fast track tunnel....spiders everywhere....it's like Halloween but with real spiders hanging above ur head everywhere
  • Dwayne K.
    Dwayne KilbourneИюль 28, 2013
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    If you are only going to ride this once, wait a little longer for the front seat! Great view!
  • Cedar Point
    Cedar PointАвгуст 7, 2011
    If you have a Platinum Pass or stay at one of the Cedar Point Resorts take advantage of Early Entry! You can ride Millennium Force and other rides one hour before the park opens!
  • jennifer
    jenniferАвгуст 20, 2013
    Best. Coaster. Ever. Get a Fast Pass so you can ride multiple times. Never more than a 15 minute wait.
  • Chris O.
    Chris OМарт 5, 2015
    Widely regarded as one of the best coasters in the world. If you miss out on going, what are you doing with your life?
  • Ricardo P.
    Ricardo PerezАвгуст 13, 2015
    One of the great roller coasters and actually pretty smooth not a head banging head ache coaster very fun ride...
  • Garrett B.
    Garrett BСентябрь 24, 2012
    If you are a little bit bigger person, wait for the last two rows of the red train as they have slightly longer seatbelts!!
  • Becca S.
    Becca SawyerМай 29, 2012
    So awesome at night! Best and smoothest ride in the park! Line goes quick also...red train is the fastest
  • Sam C.
    Sam ColeМай 22, 2012
    Make sure that you tuck before you get on this ride... Other wise you flap in the high speed wind :)
  • Jessica N.
    Jessica NelsonАвгуст 13, 2015
    Great view, and totally worth the wait. Best ride in the park.
  • Justin S.
    Justin SmithИюль 27, 2011
    Best ride in the park. Try and make it on at night for an even more extravagant experience.
  • Dan M.
    Dan McMillanАвгуст 22, 2015
    My favorite ride in the park, fast and great inverts.
  • Jake S.
    Jake SmithИюль 29, 2013
    When getting on, buckle your seatbelt BEFORE putting on your lap bar. It makes the whole process much easier.
  • Phillip O.
    Phillip OverleyАвгуст 18, 2011
    2 Hour wait but worth it, This was me and my sons favorite ride. Rode the front cart and what a trip=))))) Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dwayne K.
    Dwayne KilbourneАпрель 16, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Sit in the back and throw your hands in the air... enjoy the ride on the best 300 foot coaster in the world!
  • Baloney Bridgets
    Baloney BridgetsОктябрь 5, 2013
    This ride is my baby! Best ride that will ever be created. Ever.
  • Robert F.
    Robert FlorenceАвгуст 9, 2013
    Lemme tell you somethin'...get ready to slap Jesus a High-5, 'cause babyeeeeeee, that first hill is up there!!!
  • Cody B.
    Cody BalsizerМай 24, 2014
    Best ride in the park! No loose item bins though!
  • Michael B.
    Michael B.Август 12, 2012
    This is a nice place 2 go 2 & ride the millennium force, it is waaayyyy cool.
  • Patricia S.
    Patricia S.Май 31, 2016
    Simplesmente incrível, montanha russa alta, percurso longo, demais!!!
  • Matthew L.
    Matthew LoopИюнь 21, 2010
    Make sure to enjoy the scenery on the way up! The coaster is a lot smoother than the Magnum.
  • Joe L.
    Joe LinserАвгуст 26, 2017
    My all time favorite ride ever period end of story
  • Austin S.
    Austin SealsАвгуст 30, 2011
    Jump in line 10 mins before the park closes. You're basically in the park for another hour, save the best for last.
  • George T.
    George TaylorИюль 22, 2016
    How is this the best steel coaster in the world when Fury 325 is so much better!
  • Adam M.
    Adam M.Июль 31, 2013
    If you want really smooth air time, choose the fifth row.
  • I'M
    I'MАвгуст 1, 2013
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Best ride ever ride the front at night & back during day rode it 20x in 30 min with fast pass MF is the baddest MF'er ride ever and the pic you can feel the wind but any seat is great
  • Richard M.
    Richard MachnikСентябрь 7, 2013
    you stop screaming right meow. Oh yeah and make sure u pee first. Jesus I really gotta go
  • John M.
    John MillsМай 19, 2017
    Unbelievably intense! Be prepared for the ride of your life.
  • Gregory B.
    Gregory BeyerМай 27, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Remember to leave your loose articles in a locker or with a large guest.
  • mohrab2001 ..
    mohrab2001 .Сентябрь 4, 2017
    Great ride! Make sure you ride this every time you're here!
  • Roman G.
    Roman GilbertОктябрь 10, 2010
    make sure u get a water or something, it gets hot and ull want something to drink lol
  • Michael B.
    Michael B.Август 13, 2012
    This is a nice place 2 go 2 & ride the Millennium Force.
  • Caroline K.
    Caroline KinstleМай 17, 2013
    The operator Stephanie is the best one!!
  • Kyler G.
    Kyler GreywaczАвгуст 11, 2014
    Really popular straightly downhill roller coaster
  • Brian N.
    Brian NovakИюль 17, 2013
    A must ride for sure!
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