Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Азиатский ресторан и Американский ресторан$$$$
East Village, Нью-Йорк
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  • Eater
    EaterИюль 20, 2016
    Under current chef Mathew Rudofker, we have seen the pendulum swing in the direction of innovation. There has been a progression not just on the a la carte menu, but in large format meals as well. \nПодробнее
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Time Out New York
    Time Out New YorkДекабрь 16, 2014
    This crown jewel of the East Village is very popular for their extensive menu of delicious variety. Try the infamous Korean bo ssäm (pork shoulder lettuce wraps) for which the place is named. \nПодробнее
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissНоябрь 2, 2014
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Exotic and delicious Brunch. Smoked salmon on an everything bun with horseradish cream and egg, the Momofuku ssam (a pork shoulder filled Asian burrito), and the perfectly salty country ham Benedict.
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • harryh
    harryhИюнь 16
    Any of David Chang's restaurants are great, but this one is his canonical form. Nominally Korean food, but with all kinds of innovative twists.
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Zack K.
    Zack KinslowИюль 8, 2016
    Bo ssam is very good. Can't go wrong with a giant hunk of fall-off-the-bone pork, lettuce wraps and all the fixin's -- plus endless oyster shots for good measure. Highly recommend for a group of 8.
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Eater
    EaterСентябрь 12, 2017
    Ssam Bar helped re-energize the Blue Ribbon style of late-night dining: serving fatty, salty, strongly flavored foods. Sardines with chickpea miso and rice cakes with pork sausage are essential orders \nПодробнее
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Cassidy
    CassidyСентябрь 19, 2014
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 50+
    you've come to the right place. pork buns and rice cakes are the classics and you can't go wrong with anything else. put your name down and get a gin + juice next door at Booker and Dax while you wait
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Eater
    EaterЯнварь 7, 2014
    The team recently introduced a brunch menu. Classics like the apples with kimchi, spicy pork sausage with rice cakes, pork buns, and bo ssam are still available. [Eater 38 Member]
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissАвгуст 28, 2012
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    The whole rotisserie duck ssam with chive pancakes and about 8 different sauces makes an amazing group lunch during the week. \nПодробнее
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Ankit A.
    Ankit AggarwalМай 19, 2013
    Amazing food (get the spicy pork sausage and rice cakes!) and equally spot on customer service: I asked for a sauce spicier than Ssam sauce and the chef MADE one for me. Now my fave spot in the EV.
  • Nina W.
    Nina WyattАвгуст 29, 2016
    Seriously amazing food!! However, dessert so incredible try the sesame, rice cracker, ice cream amazing 😍
  • Tony X.
    Tony XerrayДекабрь 14, 2012
    You genuinely can't go wrong with anything here. It's all delicious. Seriously. BUT, you must always get the lemon meringue pie with the pistachio crust for desert. Trust me on this one, life changer.
  • TripExpert
    TripExpertМай 14, 2015
    "They’ve got a variety of bun offerings now...smoked salmon with horseradish and eggs, buffalo buns, duck buns, brisket buns, and fried chicken buns. Order all of them." -The Infatuation on TripExpert \nПодробнее
  • jon f.
    jon ferrerАвгуст 23, 2014
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    One of my top 5 restaurants in NYC. The menu changes seasonally, but you can't got wrong with the rice cakes, country ham, pork buns to start. Everything seasonal is delicious as well.
  • Jwow
    JwowФевраль 27, 2015
    Whole rotisserie duck dinner is a NYC must. You have to make a reservation 30 days in advance, which is well worth it. Now, go grab 5 friends and make a reservation ASAP!
  • L. S.
    L. S.Апрель 27, 2017
    David Chang impresses again. You can almost make a meal out of just the appetizers (best pork buns in the city??) and it only gets better from there. Did I mention the pork buns??
  • GQ Magazine
    GQ MagazineСентябрь 22, 2015
    Pro-tip: The weekend lunch menu (think shrimp gorditas and fried duck dumplings) is one of the best brunch alternatives in Manhattan and it’s served during one of the easiest time to catch a table.
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceАвгуст 15, 2014
    One section of the menu is devoted to delicious things to wrap up in lettuce--grilled pork belly, lemongrass pork sausage or an entire braised pork butt, served with kimchi and a dozen oysters \nПодробнее
  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth Burstein3 недели(-ль) назад
    Brisket and lettuce with horseradish so good! 40/person for a large group, loved the passionfruit cake not too sweet. Pork buns have too thick of meat cuts
  • Morgan M.
    Morgan McKeeАпрель 16
    Had too many margs but the tapas were so good! Order the off menu pork buns and whole fish and leave a happy human. Flavors so well developed and food portions plentiful!
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissНоябрь 30, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Start with the understated "Bread and butter". Then move on to the spicy sausage + rice cakes are both fantastic. Oysters are a given.
    Проголосовали «за» Aug 27
  • Ms H.
    Ms HeleneАпрель 8, 2013
    Seasonal dessert special: Pancakes, raspberry jam, crispy bacon and black pepper butter sauce. Only for the curious as very heavy but interesting!
  • Kristin B.
    Kristin BАпрель 30, 2014
    Now serving brunch sat–sun/11:30 am–3:30pm NY Eater- The menu has pork jowl tacos, smoked salmon buns, and Benton's ham steak with eggs, plus Ssam Bar classics like the kimchi apples and pork buns.
  • David T.
    David TaylorДекабрь 21, 2014
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Duck Over Rice with the Chive Pancake is the obvious choice, but chicken or pork ssam are great if you want to mix it up.
  • Emily W.
    Emily WilsonНоябрь 20, 2016
    They always have pork buns, but you likely won't see them on the menu. Get an order, you know you want 'em. Other highlights: gem lettuce w/ bacon-ranch & smoked yolk, spicy pork sausage & rice cakes.
  • Sandy C.
    Sandy CСентябрь 29, 2014
    I'm still thinking about last nite's dinner... The best meal I've had in along time - and for just $43. The pork bun with blue cheese is delicious. Rice cake with sausage. Wash it down w/ tiger beer
  • Evan
    EvanАпрель 5, 2013
    The pickle plate is the most epic, beautiful selection of vegetables. Get it to go with the rice cakes with spicy pork sausage and (of course) pork buns. Cap off the meal with a drink at Booker & Dax.
  • James M.
    James MarshallОктябрь 21, 2015
    Has been my death row meal for a few years now. Pork buns, a seasonal appetizer, and the crispy rice cakes with spicy pork and Chinese broccoli. Great Korean flavor profile, updated perfectly. Love it
  • Lori L.
    Lori LuoАвгуст 10, 2014
    Get a group of 6-10 friends together to do the Bo Ssam feast. The pork shoulder is tender, and even better when paired with rice and a lettuce leaf.
  • NYC K.
    NYC KennedyАпрель 2, 2013
    Spicy sausage & rice cakes are delicious!! And SUPER spicy. It's a must order... But have a great bottle of wine and a full glass of water at the ready.
  • Theresa M.
    Theresa MИюль 10, 2017
    buns were great! glad I listened to everyone else review...the other popular dish with the spicy pork sausage was just ok. It was good but no WOW factor. The duck looked amazing,must go back for that!
  • Phil K.
    Phil KenchЯнварь 3, 2015
    Have regular *and* barbecue pork buns, quite different and heaven. Waiting team very knowledgeable about the wine list. Everything we ordered was great.
  • Wolfgang W.
    Wolfgang WoppererСентябрь 22, 2014
    The culinary diversity is as stunning as the quality - from lightly grilled scallops to rich, spicey pork bowls everything is absolutely delicious. A must: the steamed buns with pork belly.
  • Greg G.
    Greg GreeneАвгуст 16, 2014
    The bo ssäm: pounds and pounds of pure, tender porky deliciousness. Make a point to reserve in advance for it — it's well worth the trouble.
  • Bianca
    BiancaИюнь 19
    I loved this place and their food! The new menu (mainly fish & vegetables) is great but also the classics should be tried (like the pork buns). Had an awesome cocktail with sake.
  • Margarita K.
    Margarita KrupОктябрь 21, 2014
    Everything was amazing!! Kimchi, buffalo pork buns, chawanmushi, x.o. roasted skate and garlic roasted qual. Coming back for the whole duck for sure. Great manhattans. Sit at the bar.
  • Travel + Leisure
    Travel + LeisureИюль 30, 2012
    Ssäm Bar best exemplifies Dave Chang’s deliciousness-without-borders style of menu eclecticism: kimchi salad with apples, bacon, and maple labneh; a whole pork butt to be shared with friends.
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceИюнь 3, 2013
    Though it's turned a lot towards duck, old favorites like fatty pork buns smeared with hoisin and the whole pork shoulder mobbed with raw oysters remain. And did we mention the desserts?
  • Tim D.
    Tim DengИюль 19
    Got the skate in banana leaf here. Absolutely incredible. A little pricey but well worth it
  • David Z.
    David ZhangЯнварь 7, 2017
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    The duck and pork ssams are obviously awesome but if you're here with a smaller party, try the spicy rice cakes and the pork rolls.
  • MetroFocus
    MetroFocusФевраль 1, 2012
    This Sunday, $350 gets you a meal to go for 8 to 10 people, featuring pork shoulder ssam, chorizo mac n’ cheese and other fixins. Find other NYC spots to spend your Super Bowl Sunday on MetroFocus. \nПодробнее
  • Adrian P.
    Adrian PhillipsАвгуст 27, 2015
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 5+
    Cocktails are just fantastic. Their margarita blew my mind. Every dish was spectacular, but my favorite had to be the spicy pork with rice cakes. Could have eaten two of them.
  • Daniel B.
    Daniel BouludИюль 30, 2014
    The best pork buns in all of New York from my friend David Chang. They have wonderful seafood and spicy dishes as well.
  • emily
    emilyМарт 17, 2011
    Сколько раз довелось побывать здесь: 10+
    Bo Ssäm or go home!If you're a fan of the infamous and delicious pork buns you must try the crispy pork belly bun which to my knowledge is only available at Ssäm.
  • Julia S.
    Julia SandlerСентябрь 1, 2016
    Probably my most memorable meal from the NYC trip. The steamed buns were exceptional, as was the sesame ice cream dessert!
  • Justin B.
    Justin BretonАвгуст 10, 2014
    The Steamed Buns and Roasted Baby Beets are great! The Spicy Pork Sausages and Rice Cakes is fan-fucking-tastic! It's really spicy.
  • Bravo
    BravoДекабрь 2, 2010
    Everything that is pig and delicious is served here...no substitutions or special requests and NO VEGAN anytime!! At least you know what you're in for and it is well worth it.-Rick Moonen, Top Chef
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceАвгуст 15, 2014
    The lunch specials, like bibimbap with shredded Berkshire pork and kimchi purée or bahn mi sandwiches, are a good deal, and come with the house-made pickles. \nПодробнее
  • Geoff K.
    Geoff KimЯнварь 15, 2012
    Mid 2.1: Modern American with French/Asian influences. Small plates to shares. Momofuku Milk Bar - Try the compost cookie, amazing banana layer cake with a crunchy hazelnutty praline in the middle. \nПодробнее
  • Rafi S.
    Rafi SyedНоябрь 24, 2012
    If you're not here for the Bo Ssam, you're an idiot. Make a reservation. And to fill you up this time, get the steak for 2. It's served with a rosemary duck fat dipping sauce. What's up
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