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Valyrie Kulp

Valyrie Kulp

The Colony/Plano/Frisco, TX
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  • Fort Worth
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Fort Worth
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Valyrie Kulp
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Valyrie Kulp
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    "Be careful at corners of rows. The designers of the lot didn't take into consideration the unnecessary number of Tahoe's that would be parking there, or that students don't know how to drive them."
    Valyrie KulpValyrie Kulp · Январь 30, 2013
    · Форт-Уэрт, США
    "Obviously the food is good since you make your combos yourself but the spice they put on the edamame is AWESOME! Look at the app/drink/desert menu! Hidden gems!"
    Valyrie KulpValyrie Kulp · Январь 1, 2013
    Монгольский ресторан
    · Форт-Уэрт, США
    "Don't worry about fighting for parking. Just valet at one of the restaurants and if you eat/drink there they will validate your valet so it's free! Especially beneficial during the holidays."
    Valyrie KulpValyrie Kulp · Ноябрь 2, 2012
    Торговый центр
    · Даллас, США
    "Used to go to one in FL and loved it. This one sucks. If you have boobs don't see the girl bartenders. They short pour girls and over serve guys. Slow service, bad attitudes, and expensive drinks."
    Valyrie KulpValyrie Kulp · Октябрь 28, 2012
    · Форт-Уэрт, США