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New York Habitat

New York Habitat


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New York, NY
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New York
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New York Habitat
26 места обновлены Апрель 23, 2014
Queens is the largest borough (by size) in NYC! Why not explore this charming area, we have created a list that offers its visitors a selection of places, such as restaurants, parks & popular museums!
New York Habitat
14 места обновлены Апрель 16, 2014
There are many hidden gems around NYC & the Bronx is definitely one of them! We have curated a list of places, varying from beautiful landmarks, markets & restaurants that you can explore in the Bronx
New York Habitat
10 места обновлены Ноябрь 9, 2021
If you are a coffee lover, check out this list that offers you a selection of London's charming coffee shops that serve an array of richly brewed coffee, espressos and delicious pastries!
New York Habitat
6 места обновлены Июль 18, 2014
Wouldn't you love amazing views of the NYC skyline while drinking an array of delicious cocktails? This list features some of the most popular rooftop spots for you to enjoy in the city!
New York Habitat
9 места обновлены Март 13, 2014
Paris has some of the most beautifully designed pastry shops that offer delicious delicacies. If you always had a sweet tooth, this list will help you find tasty & charming pastry shops around Paris!
New York Habitat
11 места обновлены Март 17, 2014
New York City is known for its charming eating spots. If you are a fan of delicious burgers, milk shakes and beer, we have compiled a list of some of the best burger spots in New York City!
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    "Great bar with good music, a cheap brunch with unlimited mimosas & a friendly staff! There is also outdoor seating for the warmer weather!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    · Queens, США
    "This place has a great, cozy vibe. Try their Tuna Tartar, delicious paninis & their calamari!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    Винный бар
    · Astoria, США
    "This is a cute after work spot. Try their delicious mac & cheese and their specialty cocktails!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    · Astoria, США
    "This is the ideal spot to hang out with friends, especially during the warmer weather. It has a terrace where you can enjoy a great selection of beer and traditional American food!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    Пивной сад
    · Astoria, США
    "If you're a fan of Indian food, try the curry goat and the lunch buffet at this diner!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    Индийская кухня
    · Queens, США
    "Serves delicious Greek food and the service is really attentive. Try the lemon potatoes, broiled scallops & the tasty Greek salad!"
    New York HabitatNew York Habitat · Апрель 23, 2014
    Греческий ресторан
    · Astoria, США